Farage, Like Trump, Gets It

Last week Ukip party advocate and the man who got Brexit going, Nigel Farage, joined Donald Trump at a rally in Jackson, Mississippi.

He tells all about the experience in The Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3761715/NIGEL-FARAGE-Trump-warm-man-gave-bounce-ll-new-Ronald-Reagan.html.

Farage was a speaker at the Republican National Convention and while there, talked with Mississippi delegates. They were very excited about the Brexit vote and invited him to Jackson to talk with the governor. He went. Wish our Tennessee delegation had been that sharp!

The Trump people heard about it and asked him to speak at the rally. He says in the above article that he didn’t know what to expect and was shocked when Donald Trump asked to introduce him. His impressions are well worth reading.

But, as in many cases, the comments made on the article at conservative treehouse (https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/08/27/nigel-farage-writes-about-attending-and-speaking-at-mississippi-trump-rally/#more-120789) are as good as the article.

You read an astute article on the internet and the comment sections are just as good with observations made by everyday americans that are better and more astute than the commentariat. Here are a few:

Should the voting booth fail us due to tyranny and corruption, we are fully authorized to use other means, as per The Declaration.

Not merely a right, but a sacred duty.

The lapdog media and the political class have wanted voters to disengage and give up for decades. With only mouthbreathers and self interested wonks voting the selection of a particular manager from the general slurry of the uniparty made voting academic at best.

Then the sleeping giant awoke and Trump, a born salesman and entrepreneur, saw a market crying out for a product.

And in the most American way imaginable the Engineering of Consent is being overthrown by American Know-How.

Love it, love everything about it.

It’s also a little like when JFK said Britain was going ahead of USA in terms of social reform. Now Britain, not a revolutionary nation, has thrown off a level of tyranny (Brexit) before the USA has done so.

It remains to be seen if the British uniparty will risk civil war and deny Brexit but the people spoke.

And so to Washington…

chojun says:

About every 60-90 years there’s been a political realignment in our Nation. Some for good, some not so much. The last major realignment was when the Progressives came to power.

As great of a president as Reagan was, he was not a change president. However, he did something better than change – he ran the gauntlet and sowed the seeds of change.

It takes something really quite extraordinary to wage a revolution. Our founding fathers, the original revolutionaries, provided us something extraordinary – a framework of revolution. The Constitution. Therein God grants us power to shake off oppression and choose a better way – should we choose to do so. It appears, this year, we will exercise our power to end our bondage and subservience.

We’re witnessing the spectacular collapse of progressivism. There are two types of #NeverTrump – the average person who is reacting emotionally to non-political correctness, and the elite who knows and understands what is truly happening and is adamantly opposed to it.

You mean the one we all mostly feel we cannot talk about in public? The one we fear we cannot place a sticker in our windows, a sign on our lawn about? To me it still feels very “underground” in the sense of the various revolutionary movements for freedom in history.

What gets me is all of these people who think they are fighting for freedom are actually playing the role of brownshirts.

theduchessofkitty says:

There were two words from his speech I zeroed in, which are absolutely key: “pride” and “self-respect.”

Pride and Self-Respect: these two are the exact things the Elites, the Establishment, have stripped Americans out of since 1992, at least. These two were also taken from the Brits for decades by their own Establishment, until they found the courage to say “NO MORE!” and told the Establishment and the European Union to go to Hell. This is the reason why Hillary! became absolutely mad as hell that Farage spoke in MS and call him an “agent of Putin.” Putin is no “liberator”, but an autocrat. But she knows if Farage or anyone else convince enough people here that she’s as Establishment as it gets and that she should also join the Brit Establishment in Hell, she will lose, massively. That’s why she has to pile that whole lot with the Klan and the Nazis. Pride and self-respect are the two components of that concept very well preached by the Left: “Self-determination.”

“Self-determination” is a word the Left uses very often when it speaks of many groups or peoples, such as the Palestinians and BLM, but in reality, they DO NOT BELIEVE IN IT. They want those people to believe they’re with them so they can CONTROL them. If they were to exercise true “self-determination,” the Establishment and the Left would lose practically everything they built through many decades. The fact that “rednecks”, “hillbillies” and assorted “racists and bigots” are discovering what “self-determination” truly means is driving them absolutely insane. They know if the American People assert themselves and unmask the Establishment as the THIEVES they truly are, they are screwed. Well and truly screwed.

Nigel Farage has become the Agent of Self-Determination of the West.

This is the reason why Nigel Farage was meant to be in Jackson, MS speaking with Trump. He is sounding the alarm. He’s telling the American People, “If my people could do it, YOU CAN DO IT ALSO.” We do well to follow his advice here: to go to the places where people meet, such as bowling alleys, bars, football or baseball games, etc. Even church. All the places Hillary’s minions would not dare show their ugly selves. You might not be able to have a bunch of people go on your favor, but the seed is being sown just as you speak out.

DebbieUK says:

The polls are manipulated. The Brexit red arrows were often massively out of step with what ordinary people thought which is why voters didn’t know what was going on with the polls. Posters started pointing it out in each thread it became so obvious. We became paranoid and believed the result would be rigged.

The Daily Mail is a conservative leaning paper but they are still part of the establishment and tend to do hit jobs on Mr Trump. Dont forget, Mr. Farage is hated by the establishment in Europe. probably even more so now. He was demonized just like Mr. Trump so he knows what he is talking about.

We need him to be vocal though, because the people who want to stay in the EU are still agitating from within government, the BBC and institutions and its a long road until we finally leave the horrible corrupt EU.

Some of us get it, some of us don’t.

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