…And Then There’s This

The Nextdoor Neighbor Central Gardens site is not free from political contagion either.

This appeared the other day: “Would anyone like a Clinton Kaine sign for their yard? Requesting a $5 donation so that we can reinvest in the effort. I apologize if this post offends you. My hope is that it will not lead to ugly comments.”

I do not think it is an appropriate use of the site, but being a conservative, that doesn’t matter. Liberals are all for it here, if it helps their guy, in this case, gal. Notice that the apology if it offends you doesn’t stop the person. However, you’d best not make “ugly” i.e. truthful comments.

Thirty people took the writer up on it and the person went on to push selling Hillary bumper stickers for $2.

Those who objected to this got rebuked.
One remarked:

“Do you have any Trump signs as well? I’d prefer to set one of each on fire rather than just the one…since I have yet to pick between the douche or the turd sandwich for President (Southpark reference).”

And was answered:

“[Clutching pearls.. ‘Oh dear, it’s going there’]. LOL Tracy. It’s certainly a very peculiar election and things could be more ideal. I’m going with Hill. No brainer. The tone may have just been set for this thread going south(park)? For the rest of ya’, message me if you’d like a sign. Not interested in having this go negative. Love Trumps Hate.”

When others objected they were told to “grow up.” When one answered that he was 76, he got rebuked again. “Just because you are 76 doesn’t mean a thing. My point is that adults don’t start a problem where none exists – you don’t like a post, that harms nobody, fine – just ignore or mute.. If you join in stirring the pot, then you are not acting much like an adult. End of story. This was a neighborly post, act neighborly.”

It’s OK for them to stir the pot, just don’t you do it.

Now just imagine if I had posted something about getting Trump signs and even asking money for them. Some brave soul around the corner put up a Trump sign this spring. It didn’t last 12 hours. Others in Midtown have told me how their signs have been yanked out of the yard, too.

There would still be comments flowing about what a racist, sexist, homophobe I or anyone else for Trump is from people who don’t even know us.

The intolerance and hypocrisy of the left shows itself and grows bolder every day.

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