Debate Or Not Debate

Is it worth your while to suffer through the debates tonight? We all know that Hillary already won. They will be looking to take Trump down at every question. It will be infuriating.
The Conservative treehouse had a good perspective:

Let’s face it, we’re being forced to live through this ridiculous bizarro world info-stream of media gaslighting, while simultaneously accommodating the delusions of Park Row journalists, and their taxpayer funded co-conspirators in DC.

To wit:

…The importance and value of the Trump-Clinton presidential debate will be directly proportional to the media’s ability to declare Hillary Clinton the winner…

If Clinton does poorly, debates don’t matter. If Clinton does well, nothing has ever been more important in the history of all presidential campaigns than debates.

Replace the name Clinton with Trump above, and you can just reverse the valuation. Trump does good, debates don’t matter. Trump does poorly, debates are the bees knees.

These are the expressed media rules of the narrative going into the debate tonight. If Hillary remains standing and doesn’t cough out her wandering left eye into her custom glass of thick water – she’ll be declared the winner by a scale only comparable to North Korean election results.

As a consequence, there’s no need to get too emotionally invested in the valuation of this debate. In addition, despite the media proclamations, there’s only a tiny fraction of the electorate in the undecided column. Like a teensy number; less than 1%.

Every voter who will turn up to the polls on November 8th has already picked a side. Historically speaking, what happens tonight will not change that equation one iota – every single prior “debate bounce“, or lack thereof, has never lasted more than 10 days for any candidate.

Remember, there are trillions of dollars at stake. Moderator Lester Holt has already been given Candy Crowley’s immunity goblet, the debate construct is necessarily in the hands of Team Parkinsons, and the seal clappers are in their assigned seats.

The debate becomes more enjoyable if you remove anxiety from the equation.

Again I ask: …if candidate Donald Trump showed up to the debate in 6″ stilettos a Carmen Miranda hat and began twerking the lectern of Hillary Clinton would it change your vote?

See, there’s nothing to lose.

The same applies to the other side of the stage: if candidate Hillary Clinton froze, said: “bulldog pancake sailhouse”, grabbed the lectern and gave the national audience her best Michael J Fox impersonation, she’d still get 40% of the vote.

Think about it.

I couldn’t agree more.
I do think it’s important for everyone to watch the debate so as not to be lead astray by hand picked sound bites edited to make Trump look bad. The candidates’ demeanors will tell a lot. Looks matter in our television age.

Then it will also be important to go and vote in polls as to who won the debate. Drudge and Time magazine have one and others will, too. If the networks declare Hillary the winner and the polls show it to be Trump, it will help him.

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