Bigots Against Trump

The other day, while walking our dog, I came across this bumper sticker on a car just a few doors down from our house.

It belongs to the residents and also shares the bumper with an NPR and Steve Cohen stickers. You’d expect to see the one with all the religious symbols, too. I guess they have restrained themselves.

This political season we are seeing every kind of slime and slander. Funny, because I remember hearing about Donald Trump in the early 80s. He contributed mightily to getting New York out of the ditch it had slid into, along with Mayor Giuliani. Not once do I recall Trump every saying a bigoted or prejudicial word about anyone. Why would he? You can’t succeed in business with that kind of attitude.
As for the Clintons, they have given swimming lessons in the Washington cesspool.

But don’t let’s have the truth get in the way of a political lie.

Then I came upon this one:

I’m biting.

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