Debate 2 – Trump Unleashed

I am a big fan of dog shows. I love it when the judge walks around the ring of contenders, points to a dog, says “you” and motions for them to get in the winner’s circle. The judge does it with complete control and absolute certainty. There is no doubt about his decision, no wavering and no weakness. He or she picks the winner and with a snap – that’s it.

That was the wonderful thing about last night’s debate. Trump took control of the debate and the moderators in a way Republicans have only dreamed about. The yapping dogs that were Anderson Cooper, Martha Raddatz (or is it Ratass?) and Hillary Clinton barked and barked, but ultimately heeled.

The beginning was a bit shaky. It began with questions about the video in which Trump made crude remarks. It was teed up perfectly for Hillary, even to the first question on character from an audience member. It was a bone they wouldn’t let go. They should have because at this point their attempt in humiliation only makes the audience feel sympathetic to the recipient. After all, who hasn’t, at some point in his or her life, said something regrettable?

Then Trump took the leash. He took them in the direction of the 33,000 emails that “you erased and bleached” even after you received a subpoena from Congress. Trump took command at that point of all three of them and never let go.

Hillary was visibly shaken. All she could do was recommend viewers go to her website for “fact checks.”

I noticed right away that gone was the respectful “Secretary Clinton” he said in the first debate. Trump called her Hillary as she had from the beginning of the first debate called him Donald in an attempt to minimize him.
The moderators’ constant interruptions of Trump and their letting Hillary go past her minutes showed exactly who they stood with. They attempted to steer things her way, but Trump didn’t let them. Martha Raddatz felt it her mission to debate him herself.

He continued to put Hill on the defense. And was he ever successful! Several times all she had to offer were her 30 years of work and her pitiful attempts to embellish them. She went right to the “for the children” defense and it was lame. When you highlight that you were responsible for changing dosage laws in children’s medications, well that doesn’t run a country, does it?

Trump hammered her and threw her off her game when he said he’d call a special prosecutor to look into her email fiasco and that any other American would be in jail for doing what she did. How appropriate it was that a fly landed on her face. God’s sly joke? They do land on stinking piles, don’t they?

Hillary tried to get Trump again with the tax issue. She actually said that his tax cuts would raise the taxes on middle class Americans. How does that work? Math called and said you can’t get more out of less. Notice how the economy and jobs was left out of the discussion topic by the moderators? Interesting.

Martha brought up the Wikileaks dump and the revelation that Hillary told a Wall St. audience that sometimes you have a private and a public position on an issue. Hillary tried to dodge by saying this was something she said after viewing the Spielberg movie about Lincoln. Trump countered with her mischaracterization of “Honest Abe.” It really was a bad answer she gave and one so clearly calculated as to draw laughter. On Twitter, Wikileaks pointed out that she “just confirmed the authenticity of our Podesta emails release of her paid speech excerpts.” She did, didn’t she?

Hillary tried several times to tar him with the Russian strategy, saying they would prefer him to her in the White House and were actively working for him. That again was pitiful. Who couldn’t help but think of the reset button she used with the Russians. Chalk up another failure for her.

Hillary’s answer to the Middle East muddle (she dropped the ISIL Obama favored name and called them ISIS) was that she hoped by the time she took office they would be pushed out of Iraq. Seriously? That’s your plan? Hope someone else fixes it first?

When an audience member asked both of them how they would bring the country together, Hillary tried again to tar him with the phobia nonsense, but he pivoted to her deplorables comment. She said she was sorry hours after she said it, but it hit home for Trump.
In all the questions about energy, immigration, taxes, ISIS, the EPA regulations, Trump squeezed as much as he could in his two minutes (even less with the interruptions). It was impressive. He left out her dealings with the Russians and selling them our uranium and also on the Clinton Foundation, but how much can you cover in such an abbreviated time?

In Hillary’s answer on the Supreme Court choices it was odd that she said she’d appoint “people who understand the way the world really works.” Sounds like people who understand the money behind issues and the pay for play aspect than the Constitution. Trump signaled to Republicans that he would pick a Scalia, protect the second amendment and respect the Constitution.

Hillary couldn’t even be gracious in the obnoxious question from an audience member asking each to name a good characteristic of the other. She said his children, which is a dodge. He got the best of her by saying she was one to keep fighting. It pointed up how long she’s been at this and how much we’re weary of Clintons. It underscored his point that she’s done nothing beneficial in the past 30 years.

By the end of the debate, the video had been left in the dust where it belongs.

Contrast this debate with any done by Bush, McCain or Romney. They handed themselves over to the moderators without a whimper.

We don’t need another of those in DC. We need a fighter. We’ve got one.

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