The More They Fight the Better

I have come to believe that Paul Ryan is behind the leak of the unpleasant Trump tape. I read that his top aide facilitated it. Then there is the information that Ryan has been meeting weekly with other GOPe to plan a coup. Don’t you find it awfully convenient that Ryan had set up appearances with Trump in Wisconsin, then immediately canceled them? And what of the Bush nephew involvement? Coincidence? Only to those who believe in the tooth fairy.

At one point I liked the Bush family. They appeared to be dedicated American servants. That has changed. I see that they are vindictive opportunists with no thought for the country, but how to get in power.

At the beginning of this election cycle, the GOPe had a plan to push Jeb Bush. He had the most money the fastest. He had the backing of the elites. He would reward them post election, so it was all set.

Only problem was that the Republican voters did not like him. He lost big and early. He’s part of the Uniparty elite and they won’t accept their defeat.

When I think back on it, I now see that my frustration with GWB not going after his enemies was not due to some high moral scruples. If they had been, why did he let Sandy Berger get by with taking papers related to the Clintons out of the national archive? Why didn’t he pardon Scooter Libby? Why did they let the press mercilessly attack them? Because all these people were part of the elite that the other elites protect. Disgusting.

While we’re at it, I don’t want to hear one more person say that Mitt Romney is a good guy and as nice a person as you’d meet. He’s not. You have to wonder if he, too, made a deal with the elites when he let Obama roll over him in the second and third debates. He choked as the election approached. Maybe others had warned him that it was not in his best interest to win. When he had a chance to show leadership with Hurricane Sandy, Romney was nowhere to be found.

This spring Romney found it necessary to attack Trump, rebuke him and pull support from him. He was certainly willing to take Trump’s money as a candidate. Nice people don’t act like that. And what’s to say he’s not behind pushing Paul Ryan, his Veep nominee, towards dumping on Trump?

That suits Ryan because he sees himself as a potential 2020 presidential candidate should Trump fail. Talk about an opportunist! He and other GOPe would rather we lose our second amendment rights and other rights with a liberal Supreme Court and damn the nation to generations of left wing policies than see Trump elected.

Nobody decent does these things.

The irony of it is that many people probably feel like I do. The more they try to destroy Trump the more of the GOPe tactics are exposed. That makes me all the more willing to support someone who would clean House in Washington and Senate, too.

If Trump loses, they will, too. People like me will spurn the Republican party and certainly not give any money to support them.

They are playing a stupid game that reeks of self interest. They don’t think we see it, but it’s as obvious as a Clinton at the money trough.

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