What Next? Trump TV?

Or perhaps Breitbart TV. It’s an idea I hoped for months ago. The alphabet networks are impossible to watch. Bias drips from them like poison from a viper’s mouth. Fox News has also become unwatchable. They are either touting Never Trumpers or throwing doubt on Trump’s ability to win like a fire extinguisher on a stove fire. Fox business is better, but it is headed by Neil Cavuto who also seems impervious to The Donald’s abilities or charm.

Talk radio has been infected, too. Cheetoh inhaling Glenn Beck believes he is God’s interpreter on earth. He has a vendetta now against Trump that is comprised of spite and the will for self annihilation. Hugh Hewitt has shown his RINO colors and so have others.

From the beginning of his campaign, Trump has chosen to use social media. He’s done so brilliantly. It has allowed him to bypass the talking heads and go right to the people. He has used Twitter and Facebook to his advantage. This was something the Democrats excel at, but Trump has succeeded in, well, Trumping them.
I was surprised post debate to find out that there was a big event online that I had missed. I found this at the conservativetreehouse:

Much like a Trump rally, the Facebook Live event brought in a massive crowd of viewers, and the campaign saw record-breaking engagement numbers, proving Mr. Trump’s message is resonating across the board.

24 million people were reached during the ground breaking Facebook Live event, which translated into 8.8 million video views, 91 percent of which were unique users. These viewers watched 11.8 million minutes of content, the equivalent to 22 years of view time, which illustrates the strength of the event’s reach. There were 1.3 million comments made about the event, which garnered over 8 million post engagements making it one of the largest debate discussions on the internet.

The enormous groundswell of support for Mr. Trump spurred an impressive fundraising effort as well, generating $9 million in contributions from an excess of 150 thousand donors.

Breitbart says CNN must be concerned because they reported:

CNN’s Brian Stelter speculates that the Trump campaign’s use of a Facebook livestream to broadcast coverage before and after Wednesday night’s presidential debate “looked like a no-frills version of a cable news channel” and could presage a future news channel aimed at Trump’s populist center-right supporters.

From CNN:

The stream topped out at around 200,000 simultaneous viewers on Facebook before the debate — low when compared to TV, but high when compared to everything else on the web.

The pitch was clear: the campaign said it was taking its message “straight to the American people,” bypassing “the corrupt mainstream media.”

Once it was archived and made available for later viewing, the stream reached more than 8.6 million Facebook users, according to CrowdTangle data, beating the debate streams from news outlets like ABC and Fox.

Steve Bannon, the Breitbart News chairman who became the Trump campaign CEO in August, did not deny that there’s been talk about a possible network when asked by CNNMoney earlier this week.

He responded to the rumors with a smile and said, “Trump is an entrepreneur.” He also pointed out Trump’s social media prowess on Facebook and Twitter, saying, “Look at the engagement. It’s incredible.

Yes it is. And the country is ripe for a new outlet.

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is already owner of the New York Observer. He has indicated something may be brewing.

Interestingly, blog comments on the story show people excitedly hoping for such a network. They have even suggested people to be on it: Greta van Susteren, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Michael Savage, Herman Cain, Judge Napolitano, Ann Coulter, Sheriff David Clark, Milo Yiannopolous, Mike Cernovich, Sarah Palin.

Andrew Breitbart must be smiling.

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