Today Is a Dangerous Day

Today may be the most dangerous day of the presidential campaign for Republicans.

Here we are at a few days before the vote and so far no “October surprise” has dented Donald Trump. We are coming into the last weekend and the forces of Democrats/liberals/media/globalist/businesses have one last opportunity to take him down.

If you’ll recall, the 2000 campaign revelation about a DUI for George W. Bush came the Friday before the election. It dominated TV the whole weekend. It surely did do some damage to him.

Hillary is a very dangerous person, as we all know who watched the two term Clinton fiasco. She is like a cornered wolverine especially since the FBI revelations.

Then there’s what blogger Don Surber said: “In the past week, Trump has picked up 54 Electoral College votes, according to Real Clear Politics.

“Hillary has lost 46.

“That tightened the race by 100 votes as Hillary went from a sure 272 Electoral College votes (you need 270 to win) down to 226, while Trump rose to 180.

“Those are the votes Real Clear Politics is “sure” of.

“Divvying up the 132 Electoral College votes remaining, Real Clear Politics has it 273-265 in favor of Trump just four days before the election.”

They are at DEFCOIN 1.

The other day Sean Hannity mentioned on his radio show that Gloria Allred had scheduled a press conference. Her daughter, Lisa Bloom, had someone to come forward to accuse Donald Trump of raping her when she was 13 in 1994. For some reason – the truth, perhaps? – the woman decided against coming forward.

Is there something else out there? It doesn’t have to be true, just shocking.

Why isn’t it that our side ever plans an attack at the last moment? Are we playing by outdated rules of engagement?

Just keep your guard up and eyes open today.

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