Sites Help You Stay Updated

President Elect Trump has shown that he is adept at using social media. He used it brilliantly during the campaign to fight back against his critics when the media would not present the truth.

Some say he did not use Twitter well and should not post there as president. Granted he has made some errors with its use, but he has used it to draw attention to somethings the media wanted to ignore. Wikileaks is a good example.

Facebook has been a good domain for him and his followers, too. One of the signs that he would win the election came from the number of hits he got on facebook and twitter. They by far surpassed Hillary Clinton.

As PEOTUS, he is using them effectively, too.

If you haven’t taken a look, there is a new transitional phase facebook to like: and on twitter there is @transition2017.

As for a website, there is which keeps you up on appointments, meetings and news.

He is smart to do this because it bypasses the press. Hopefully it will also lead to the demise of some of the lying newspapers like The New York Times and the Washington Post engage in as well as the TV networks.

I heard today that a right side challenger to Twitter is a new service called Gab. Milo Yiannopoulus, Breitbart writer who was banned from Twitter, has been instrumental in its coming together.

No more does the mainstream media have the monopoly on the news and we are the better for it.

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