Is This Why State Nomination Lags?

Everyone has been wondering why Trump is taking so long to name a Secretary of State. Rudy Giuliani looked like a shoe in, but then other names started being mentioned.

We haven’t seen much of Rudy since the election either. Why is that? It all seems odd. Rudy is a very popular man among Republicans and his loyalty to Trump throughout the campaign needs to be rewarded. So why is Trump talking to people who dislike him like Mitt Romney?

The Conservative Treehouse may have a clue:

The safest person for Donald Trump would be Rudy Giuliani. His perspective, outlook and trust factor is in alignment. Rudy is also at the top of the list for many Trump supporters, including me. I like the guy. Giuliani’s got just the right blend of piss and vinegar to be capable of dealing with the nest of vipers that awaits – he’s a former federal prosecutor who knows how to investigate and accumulate evidence of systemic corruption – and his loyalty toward the objectives of the incoming Trump administration is without question.

But there’s a problem that most have overlooked. Rudy Giuliani has a visible issue with excessive alcohol use.

Oh, sure there are other issues that have been rightly mentioned in regard to Giuliani’s business interests, but in my opinion those issues are far less important in this consideration. When you add in President-elect Trump’s severe aversion to alcohol dependency, and consider the intensely personal example of Frederick “Fred” Jr. (1938–81), well, if you’ve paid attention you know the scope of the issue.

Anyone who has ever been in a position of executive organizational leadership will tell you how challenging it is to overcome a similar problem once it surfaces. Painful decisions are caused by the need to contrast best-interest logic over emotion; and the most likely, albeit agonizing, outcome is a necessary removal of the individual regardless of relationship. Effective leaders cannot allow the organizational goals to be hampered by excessive loyalty toward an individual whose own decisions are creating the toxicity.

Perhaps addressing this issue is why Giuliani has been mostly invisible over the past two weeks. Perhaps, just perhaps, he too is trying to address the matter. [That’s definitely my own personal hunch] Which brings up the issue of likelihood of success etc. An unknown variable.

Think about all of inherent issues therein. Think about the personal, emotional and also the operationally logical.

This came as a shock to me, but then again I’m not an insider. Others have said they felt Giuliani looked frail and old. Some speculate that he didn’t do well in some TV interviews; that he’s too much of a wild card.

I don’t know, but it is something to consider.

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