Bye to 2016 and These People

This year has been quite an elucidating one.

Not only did we find out how wrong the media was on the election (and by extrapolation everything else), but we also found out the true nature of some people.

Some we thought were high minded conservatives, turned out to be elitist monsters. Pundits and politicians, reporters and pop culture heroes showed their true colors.

None was quite as shocking as Glenn Beck’s. He made himself orange with cheetohs in an attempt to make fun of Trump:

To understand his insanity, try to figure out why he did a sight gag on a radio show.
This happened at the end of April, but he had been trash talking him since the fall of 2015. I, like many other listeners, snapped that radio dial to something else when his crazy talk started.

Beck had put all his chips on Ted Cruz, even going so far as to say Cruz was selected by God then fasting during a primary – and urging even kids under 10 to join him – to help Cruz. Beck left his Blaze network to dedicate his full time to Cruz. That was inappropriate and rash even for him. I had been a subscriber to his Blaze TV network, but I and legions of others, canceled it when his show became an infomercial for Cruz.

That he would even entertain voting for Hillary was mind blowing. How could Beck be pro second amendment and conservatism and back her? On December 20 he went on uber liberal comedian Samantha Bee’s wannabe talk show Full Frontal to collaborate on “ending Trumpism.” He won the acclaim of such staunch conservative outlets as Rolling Stone, Salon, the Daily Beast, WaPo and the Atlantic. So much for his devotion to the right.

What was in those cheetohs?

Speaking of Ted Cruz, he’s another one who is in the dustbin for me. When he or his minions told Iowans that Dr. Ben Carson had announced he had stopped his candidacy while the people were still voting, I lost all respect for Cruz. That was a dirty trick to play. He may have denied it, but I find that harder to swallow than a whole bag of cheetohs.

His nasty side came out again when he tried to snatch delegates from other candidates. Who does that who respects the will of the people? No one. As Trump found out, he could win the state of Louisiana and lose all that state’s delegates because of Cruz going behind his back.

Then, at the convention, when Cruz had the chance to be magnanimous, honor his pledge to support the GOP nominee and get on the Trump train, Cruz committed political suicide. He did it in front of millions of GOP voters! They booed him and he kept going. His biggest backers, the Mercers, shut their door to him – literally. After the speech Cruz went up to their suite only to be turned away.

Who does this except a self serving phony and arrogant whiner full of himself?
Good-bye Ted. I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do in your legislative career to redeem yourself from this mess.

Good-bye Glenn. It was always a rocky road, but you’ve gone down the path to crazy town.

Next up, good byes to National Review, Fox News hosts, actors and even chefs in the final days before 2017.

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