Press More Outrageous Than Fantasies

Of all the outrageous stories put out about Donald Trump, the following is the best.

Bet you didn’t know that Donald Trump is a time traveller. Yes, from the year 2036. Here’s a report from the British paper, The Sun, dated October 9, 2016.

But perhaps there is more to the tanned tycoon than meets the eye, as conspiracy theorists claim that The Donald is actually a time traveller who is here to save us all from nuclear war.

The theory emerged on a notoriously shady forum called 4chan, where posters claimed that Donald Trump is linked to a time-travelling man named John Titor.

Titor allegedly travelled from the year 2036 to the year 2000 to warn us of an impending war with ISIS, the Star reports.

First posting on the 4chan message boards 16 years ago, Titor claimed to be a soldier from 2036, who lived in a world ravaged by war and travelled back in time to change the future.

Titor eventually vanished from the internet, but now the legend has been reignited – as people claim that he is linked to loud-mouthed Donald Trump.

Legend has it that Donald Trump’s uncle, John Trump, was asked by the government to investigate notes made by “mad scientist” Nikola Tesla.

In his capacity as an MIT professor, uncle Trump studied the secret works of Tesla, the gifted inventor who helped supply electricity to America in the late 1800s.

And conspiracy theorists claim that John Trump stumbled across something very special among Tesla’s lab notes – the designs for a time travel machine.

In interviews Donald Trump regularly brought up his “uncle John”, who was a well-regarded nuclear scientist.

The Donald has also referred to his uncle’s knowledge of nuclear war, predicting that an atomic conflict will break out eventually and bragging about his intricate knowledge of the deadly weapons.

And another man with an intricate knowledge of nuclear weapons is John Titor, the time traveller who first appeared on online forums with apocalyptic warnings.

Donald John Trump is well known for using his middle name as a fake first name, going by the aliases of John Miller and John Barron.

And some people claim that he has another such identity – as John Titor.

The story goes that Trump used Nikola Tesla’s designs to travel to the future, before returning to warn us of what lies in wait.

When nobody listened, Trump took matters into his own hands and spent decades making money – in order to fund a bid for President and avert the terrifying future himself.

Last year, Trump hinted at his knowledge of the threats facing America, claiming: “I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me.”

Perhaps this is because he’s seen the future, or perhaps it’s just because he’s an egomaniac whose online fans think he is a time-travelling hero.

Only time will tell…

I only call attention to this story because it is more believable than the trash the mainstream media has been putting out, particularly after Flynn’s firing and yesterday’s press conference.

Dan Rather said it was worse than Watergate; others that Trump is unhinged; Chuck Todd that delegimitizing the press was un American; etc., etc. There is nothing he can do – even saying hello – that would be acceptable to the Left’s biggest bastions.

At American Thinker, David Prentice writes, “The left is blowing its own opportunity by hyper-exaggerating their case. Put their yelping together with the clear and obvious intent to have Trump impeached one month into his presidency, impeached for virtually anything he does, for anything they disagree with, and it’s clear that this will go nowhere. Literally all of them are over the top with shriekings such as this:

“It’s worse than Watergate, they were bought and paid for by Russia hacking the election, they installed everyone Putin wants in the cabinet. Flynnpeachment. Plus Trump hates puppies. And moms.

“Patience. They’re discrediting themselves daily. It may not be fun watching just how hysterical they act, but they’re not going to win this.”

No, they are not. They don’t realize it either. The more outrageous and angry they are, the more they empower Trump. They prove themselves purveyors of fake news and Trump calls them out on it. We’re about at the point where nothing they say is true.

Trump might as well take this opportunity to do whatever he deems fit. He will get by with it as long as his base approves. He knows it, too.

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