Memphian Defends Reporter

Mark Skoda, former Tea Party leader in Memphis, organized last Saturday’s March 4 Trump in Nashville. Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit blogger, spoke there.

Today the Gateway Pundit ran Skoda’s piece which is in reply to an incident that happened yesterday. The White House press secretary has included a representative from Gateway Pundit, Lucian Wintrich, into the briefing room. Evidently the Fox radio reporter, Jon Decker, did not approve and attacked Wintrich. Wintrich reported, “This man accosted me. He pushed me in the back room and then grabbed my arm. He started screaming to the entire press room that I’m a Nazi and The Gateway Pundit is a white supremacist publication.”

Here’s Skoda’s reply:

Let me first declare that I am a regular Gateway Pundit reader and fan. I love the unique perspective Jim and his team take in reporting and writing and I enjoy the often “tongue in cheek” edginess the articles. I met Jim for the first time during the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville where I was working as the head of media and promotion. Jim, Andrew Breitbart, Stephen Bannon, Andrew Marcus and many of the other now infamous gang of new media activists were there to participate and report.

The Gateway Pundit was still in its infancy, essentially a labor of love. But Jim’s passion for reporting the news with a conservative view and edginess was already obvious. Those were heady days. We had over sixty press organizations and over one hundred reporters and cameramen from a dozen different countries. This was the first big event in the tea party and Sarah Palin was the keynote speaker.

But it was also where Andrew Breitbart famously pointed to the press and told the audience that they were your enemies. The crowd loved it and Andrew’s prescience was remarkable. Which brings me to the current brouhaha facing the Gateway Pundit’s DC reporter, Lucian Wintrich, and Fox News Radio’s Jon Decker. It was only a week ago, that Jim, at my invite and after being dis-invited to another rally, joined us in Nashville to speak to a crowd of over two thousand people. He was the keynote speaker and had the supporters of President Trump fired up.

I introduced Jim to the rallygoers and announced that his organization was given press credentials to the White House press briefings. I told the crowd that the MSM heads exploded when that happened – “clean up on aisle six”.

Jim also announced that he and other new media organizations would also be holding an alternative press correspondents’ dinner to honor ‘Real News’ journalists. So I was not surprised to read about the scrum that took place in DC when Wintrich had the audacity to announce the GP’s participation at the White House.

But what pissed me off most is the fact that this recurring theme of white supremacist, anti-Semite and racist nonsense was lobbed at the Gateway Pundit and Lucian in particular. Even more infuriating was the pile on by other press organizations congratulating Decker on his “brave” action to diminish this young man. But we’ve all come to expect this from the establishment main stream media. Nonetheless, it’s wrong and it’s corrosive.

As I stated, I’ve known Jim for many years. His only offense is that he started a successful blog and news site with a conservative viewpoint, became successful and happened to be a conservative white male gay man. Clearly, he is the antithesis of the liberal press and the MSM generally. But for me, I call him friend.

The new media is more democratic and more pervasive than any of the old media. And while there is quality in much of the new media, there is also a lot of rubbish from some purveyors. Yet as we have seen from the blatantly biased reporting in the established news, there is a lot of rotting, stinking, oozing garbage presented as well.

Disruptive technologies and ideas are always opposed by the entrenched.

From Wikipedia:

“The Sabots of the 16th to 19th centuries, who were associated with the lower classes. During this period, the years of the Industrial Revolution, the word sabotage gained currency. Allegedly derived from sabot, sabotage described the actions of disgruntled workers who willfully damaged workplace machinery by throwing their sabots into the works. However, according to some accounts, sabot-clad workers were simply considered less productive than others who had switched to leather shoes, roughly equating the term “sabotage” with “inefficiency”.”

I recall that during the tea party revolution of 2009 and 2010, every type of epithet was lobbed at supporters of the movement. We were called racists and homophobes, fascists and Nazis. Today’s left has added misogynists, anti-Semites and xenophobes. However, I think we’d just rather be called the “Deplorables”. It seems that the unique and differentiated messages of the new media, like Gateway Pundit, and the legitimacy afforded them by becoming part of the WH press corps is simply too much to bear for the Sabots in the press. But like the industrial revolution, the media revolution will march on and people will embrace truth where it is told. And that’s the real sin of Jim Hoft, Lucian Wintrich and many other conservatives who love their country, embrace free speech and simply want to get on with Making America Great Again!

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