Then There’s This…

Our local libs are deep into lunacy, too.

I caught this on Nextdoor. A Midtowner writes:

“By any chance, is there any buses going to Nashville on Thursday to join the crowd, that will be showing up for Trumps visit ? Just curious ! Wanting to voice discontent for his decisions.”

Don’t these people have a life? Are they so empty that they have to fill their lives with the distraction of condemning others?

Someone else replied – and I don’t know if it’s meant to be sarcastic or helpful – “I believe Greyhound is still running.”

I think the point of the original tweeter was to get something for free.

But here’s the kicker. Another replied, “If you go on Thursday you are going to be a day late…”

Yes, the tweeter didn’t even have the protest day right. Checking up might be helpful.

To which the person answered, “thought it was Thursday….thanks. This post was removed. So much for Freedom of Speech….imo”

Freedom of speech sure covers a lot these days. Looks like community organizing with a big dose of politics. At least the person in charge recognized politics for what it is and pulled it off.

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