…And This

The March issue of Memphis magazine – get this – in an article by John Branston actually pushes for Shelby School system superintendent Dorsey Hopson to be Trump’s Secretary of Education.

Branston slams Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary, because he believes her to be a privileged white girl who knows nothing of public schools. Seems a little bit of misogyny and discrimination colors his beliefs.

Why is Hopson preferable? Have Memphis and Shelby County schools skyrocketed to unknown stratospheres of achievement under his leadership beginning in 2013? Do Memphians feel confident that they are sending their kids off to get an education that will propel them to good jobs and careers yet? We certainly spend enough money. It was estimated at $959 million for the 2016-17 year. Almost a billion dollars!

Branston rationalizes that Hopson would be good because his “staff is about as ethnically and gender diverse as a staff could be.” OK, but left out of that equation is ability. Shouldn’t that be the main concern?

“He is so battle tested he could wear medals,” he continues. Maybe, but he’s yet to win the war.

Maybe it’s going to take someone outside the bubble of education unions and organizations to see what really needs to be done. What we’ve had with establishment types hasn’t worked for decades, has it?

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