What’s Up With MLGW?

Since we rejected the smart meter, our utility bill has not been posted monthly as it normally is.

But we have received an odd letter from MLGW, twice, about our billing. It reads:

“This letter is to inform you that your current billing will be delayed for further investigation to ensure accurate billing. Our Customer Information system created a utility exception to verify meter readings and/or inspect equipment operation. MLGW may have to send a field technician to your residence to obtain verified readings and/or inspect your utility equipment. Once the investigation is complete, MLGW will generate and mail your utility bill. (Then it says in bold italics:) The delay will not affect your time allowed to pay your utility bill.

“The delayed billing may result in a larger amount due based on a larger number of days of service. In order to avoid a large payment we encourage you to make a payment now, based on your previous bill, in order to reduce the amount due when you do get the bill. If this situation causes a hardship, Residential customers also have the option of requesting payment arrangements.”

The letter continues with telephone numbers and quick access code info. There was no signature on the letter.

Looks like customers who didn’t sign up for the smart meter are being treated in a way as to confuse and discourage them from keeping their analog meters. Why anyone should have to come out and inspect utility equipment that has been functioning well for years? Curious, eh?

Then there is the hilarious idea that we should just send some amount of money to them in advance of our bill. Who does that and why? Should we send $10, $100, $500 or 50 cents? If their billing system is so messed up as to not give us a bill, what would keep it from being messed up when you send some unsolicited amount of money to them? Do any of us trust their abilities?

Why would no one sign it, too? Is it because no one wants the responsibility or that no one can be contacted about this?

The days when David Hansen ran MLGW so well that it was considered the best utility in the country are long gone, aren’t they?

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