$$ Exit From Arts Good for Them

After the Trump budget pulled money from the National Endowment for the Arts, PBS and NPR, celebrities are incensed. Well, they always are since the election, but it went up a notch with this announcement.

Everyone from Julie Andrews to Jamie Lee Curtis howled. Most of them believe that government money helps the arts. But does it?

They should be applauding the move. Who wants the government involved in movies, TV, dance, theater, painting? As the old saw goes, nothing is free. All funding comes with strings attached.

Why would they want this? It might be cool in an Obama administration, but would they like to dance to the conservatives’ tune? No. Just look at the Soviet Union’s art “appreciation.” It led to the most dehumanizing, propagandistic monuments and literature imaginable. It’s only when artists are free that they can perform and innovate.

The last decade or so has really been a poor one for the arts. Our TV shows – those that aren’t takeoffs of British ones – don’t attract viewers as they once did. Movie attendance is off because there is nothing left for them to discuss except the same old social justice warrrior themes or stale knock offs or more cartoon superheroes. When has there been

Free from government funding is a good thing. It will make them more creative and open up audiences for their works.

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