What Congress Should Do

If you’re familiar with the Cloward and Piven theory of the manufactured crisis, you know the blueprint the Democrats have followed for 70 years. Their plans as outlined here: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2008/09/barack_obama_and_the_strategy.html. In brief, they sought to use disruption in American life to bring attention to their issues, then flood the media et al with constant discussion of the problem before instituting their own radical plans to change into a socialist world.

In other words, the financial collapse of 2008 was used to their advantage, as were the increase of the welfare state and other entitlements that stress us to the point of collapse. Then they can plan a whole new U.S. according to their beliefs.

Time this gets used against this group of lefty Alinskyites.

How? Do what they did. Republican lawmakers need to flood Congress with laws and bills. They need to fire away with them so as to knock the Democrats off their message. It would force the Democrats to put out so many fires that they don’t know what to attack next.

The Right should take elements of the health care revision, separate them and push them through. While doing that they should start up tax reforms and bring that up. Then immigration, then education, then energy, then whatever else. Force the Dems to go on defense. It’s the position they continually put us in and it’s a losing one.

CNN and MSNBC would not be able to devote much time to each topic. They could not dwell on something – as they have the fake Russian connection story – until it becomes believable. Their hosts would have to hop from topic to topic, never making inroads with viewers.

Republicans should have a never ending group of victims of Dem policies paraded before friendly shows or at news conferences or at rallies, too. President Trump is very good at turning the tables on them. Follow his leadership.

Whatever new crisis comes up – say the threat of the Oroville dam bursting – Republicans should extrapolate on that and demand attention on all the infrastructure collapsing as a way to prep for Trump’s infrastructure programs. After all, it’s mostly Democrat states like California that haven’t paid attention to the vital needs of its citizens.

Every illegal immigrant attack on Americans (like the poor 14 year old girl raped last week in a Michigan school by two of them) should be brought up. Every attack by radical Islamic terrorists – even in other countries – should be highlighted. Every Democrat demanding Trump’s tax records should be ridiculed when theirs are not or fall short. Bernie Sanders, the Clinton Global Initiative anyone?

Republicans have many avenues to success – if they’ll use them. That’s the rub.

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