We Are All Victims Now

I ran across this quote this morning: “When we all wish to be victims, there are too few oppressors to go around.”

The profundity of it hit me like a mental sledgehammer.

I had just walked the dog past a neighbor’s house with a brand new yard sign – “Protect the Aquifer.” It joins countless other signs in the neighbor asking us to “Save the Greensward,” “Save York Avenue” and a rather longer one that proclaims in America Love Is Still Love, Science Is Real and a host of other platitudes lined up horizontally. Of course there are still a few Clinton/Kaine signs perforating the landscape, too.

I thought of these after reading the quote, which is from a piece by Victor Davis Hansen at the National Review.

It wasn’t until the Clinton years in the 90s that victimhood became so popular. I don’t remember people seeing themselves as victims of some oppressor in an earlier America. But then it became a virtue. O.J. Simpson, although it seemed clear he killed two people, won release because he was seen as the victim of police brutality/white racism. It was an early triumph of victimhood status.

Feminism fueled it too. It progressed from wage and job inequality to other cultural and sexual matters. Right then half the population became victims. Still, that wasn’t enough. We have race victims, religious victims, illegal victims, gender victims, transgender victims, age victims, disease victims, ugly/beautiful victims, environmental victims, medical victims and anybody else who wants to classify him or herself this way.

As a result of what’s taught in schools about victimhood and oppressors, many young people have ditched professions and careers to become social justice warriors. Education has set them on the path to destroy oppressors and find some new ones, too.

Even businesses, once the target of victims, have joined in. Better to join than be an oppressor, eh? Businesses like Starbucks have become SJWs. Is it a surprise that veering from their product idea is causing them to lose business? The CEO’s stance of hiring 10,000 refugees has turned enough people off that their profits are falling.
The Trump victory has added more, too. Nordstrom’s and other retailers decided to be victims and oppose Ivanka Trump’s apparel line. Does it get any more ridiculous?

Apparently it does.

Now we have to worry about neighborhood victimization. And now water victimization.

How many oppressors are we going to have? Aren’t we running the risk of a shortage of them?

At what time do they become a victim group, too?

How can a nation ever be great or regain their greatness if everyone is a victim?

Maybe this election will steer us from the lemming path.

Or perhaps the Boomer generation is going out in a fit of frenzied self-recognition: It enjoyed all that was given to it, did not accomplish much itself, and left a mess to its successors. Its metaphor is California’s Oroville dam: Aging greens believe that it never should have been built; but since it was, it came in handy for the good life; but no one should spend any money on its repair; but when it nearly fails, we were all warned that it was never a good idea. And so no more dams will be built for our children.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/445934/political-culture-backlash-americans-retreat-when-theres-no-escaping-politics

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