A Whistleblower Steps Up

When Justice Roberts abruptly switched to vote for Obamacare, it signaled to me that they had something on him. I feel validated this morning on reading about a whistleblower who has now come forward.

The full story is at the Conservative Treehouse blog – a must read for anyone who wants to know what truly goes on in DC.

Freedom Watch notifies congress of a “Deep State” intelligence community whistle blower, Dennis Montgomery, with hundreds of millions of documents showing CIA and FBI and Intelligence Committees were spying on, and conducting surveillance on, American citizens for political purposes.

Mr. Montgomery is trying to use a legal “whistle-blower” process and not follow the same approach as Edward Snowden.

Here’s the relevant part from Freedom Works:

Even Supreme Court justices! These people have no shame.

Many forget that Justice Roberts suffers from epilepsy. At the time he switched his vote, I wondered if some of Obama’s spying included a clip of him in an epileptic fit. If that came out and was seen by millions of Americans, the media would have declared him unfit to serve on the High Court. He’d have lost his position. Was that why he surprised his fellow conservative jurists and went Obama’s way in the case in June 2012?

This may explain a lot.

Interesting, too, was President Trump’s response when he was asked if he felt validated yesterday after Rep. Nunes came out and said there was evidence of his being surveiled. He replied “Somewhat.” It’s a big curious.

Perhaps he said somewhat because he knows the whistleblower will tell the rest of the story. There is surely more to come.

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