After Health Care Bill, Where Are We?

There have been so many conflicting voices on the healthcare bill, it’s been difficult to find a patch of clean water in the swamp mess.

You have President Trump and VP Pence working to get this bill passed. You have “conservatives” fighting against it. Paul Ryan shaped it. He’s not exactly trusted by true Republicans.

You have the Freedom Caucus which demanded Obamacare be repealed but still balked when they had the chance.

You have economists siding with Trump. Labor in the picture, too. All very confusing.

Sean Hannity asked the pertinent question – why didn’t the Republicans in Congress have a replacement ready to go since they knew from November 9 that this would be coming up? That gets to the heart of the matter.

Where is the truth in all of this? Where are the answers? What went wrong? Some explanation lies here:

These lobbyists are the ones writing the bills, just as they did in Obamacare. They do not want to let certain aspects of it go. Not providing health care is good for big businesses. Labor likes it, too. They give money to our politicians, but so do the Koch brothers, who worked hard to see that the uber conservative Freedom Caucus stopped the bill. Many of these get campaign money from people like the Koch brothers. They don’t want it cut off.

There really is no other explanation for their actions, since the bill got rid of Obamacare and gave them 80-90% of what they wanted.

The biggest loser in all this is not Donald Trump. I expect he will prevail. He has tweeted in the past: “Negotiations 101: The best deals you can make are the ones you walk away from…and then get them with better terms.”

No, the biggest loser is Paul Ryan.

As blogger Don Surber observed:

President Trump pantsed Paul Ryan and stripped him of his House speakership on Thursday by calling for a vote on Ryancare.

Presidents don’t run the House calendar, but Ryan is weak. So Trump scheduled the vote anyway, and now Ryan and Ryancare are history.

As a reader pointed out, the whole world is watching. I believe a few sphincters tightened a notch or two watching Trump humiliate the Washington establishment and its boy, Paul Ryan.
The reader said in a comment on my previous post:

This is also a display to everyone that Trump WILL walk away and blow up a deal. The world watched. North Korea watched. Iran watched. Nato watched. Theresa May watched. Mexico watched. All those countries that want to make a deal with the US watched Pres Trump throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Ryan flopped. Biggly. His speakership needs to be challenged. I can’t imagine Speakers in the past acting the way he did. They all knew not to bring a bill to the floor if it can’t pass. He’s impotent.

So is Whip Kevin McCarthy. Can you imagine Tom Delay failing like this? The “Velvet Hammer” got it done. Period, as Obama would say.

But neither is the whole business a disaster, as Matt Drudge keeps pumping on his website.

As Surber so rightly points out: “Foreigners at times seem to know our politics better than we do. Those liberals chortling over the end of Ryancare think Obamacare will live forever and ever.

“Just like they thought the Soviet Union would last.

“Boy are these liberals in for a November 8-level shock.

“Trump is a strong man. Not in a Mussolini manner, but in the Reagan manner. The bad guys know it, and I think they will want to leave us alone.”

Trump’s efforts have exposed all the players. We can see now what is going on in DC. He actually has more power now than before, despite what the media wants to tell you. That is, if you believe knowledge is power. What is the popular song’s message so often quoted: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

A fumble like this will not happen again.

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