St. Jude: A Lost Cause?

With all the recent turmoil over Obamacare, it’s interesting to speculate about St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It came about through the vision and work of one person – Danny Thomas. He came up with the idea, figured out how to do it, got the funds for it and left a legacy for it. He dedicated it to the patron saint of lost causes, appropriate to the hospital’s mission of helping kids with incurable cancers.

Under good stewardship after Thomas’ death, St. Jude has become a world renowned institution and has saved countless lives. We are fortunate that Thomas started it when he did, in 1962. It was a time when Americans considered their country ran on capitalism and flourished because of it. It was a time when Americans saw charity as coming from themselves and not the government.

If Thomas had tried to start the hospital in the years following passage of Obamacare, could it have happened? I doubt it. In the bill was a provision to levy “massive amounts of red tape on hospitals that provide free health services to the poor and fines those that don’t comply,” according to an article in in 2013.

The fact that afflicted families never receive a bill from St. Jude’s doesn’t square well with a government health care system.

The article continues:

It’s ironic isn’t it? The left’s chief complaint about the American healthcare system is that it’s “for profit,” but Obamacare will end up forcing non-profit hospitals to either go under or become for-profit institutions themselves.

From day 1, Obamacare has not been about improving healthcare or making it more affordable. It’s been about government control. Sadly, the American people are only now beginning to find out the truth about how devastatingly unaffordable the Affordable Care Act really is.

St. Jude avoided this scenario because it is a research hospital. It falls under a different subset of tax laws than 501C(3) non-profit hospitals.
But what of others and why should it be like this?

The ACA was always about control, not about helping people. Like all things government, it is run by bureaucrats. The HHS Secretary, at the time of its birth was Kathleen Sebelius. If you’ll recall, she was given power over much of it ensconced in the phrase “As the Secretary shall deem…”

The secretary would not deem that a person like Danny Thomas – someone not in the medical field, someone not a business titan, nor government officer – could create something like St. Jude’s.

Only in a free society could that happen. Obamacare narrows our freedom so much that St. Jude would have become a lost cause had Thomas tried it today.
Congress needs to repeal it and soon.

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