Irony Alert

Today’s CA front page has a big story with graphic that headlines: “Agencies on Trump’s chopping block.” It talks about two agencies that would face cuts in Tennessee: the Appalachian Regional Commission and the Delta Regional Authority.

Interestingly, a blogger from West Virginia, Don Surber, just wrote about the former. He applauded the chops.
He wrote:

President Trump wants to end the Appalachian Regional Commission, a creation of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson that was meant to end the poverty and misery of a region that lagged behind the rest of the nation in income, education, health care, and transportation.

After 50-plus years, the area still lags behind the rest of the nation in income, education, health care, and transportation.

The area includes all of West Virginia and parts of twelve other states. Its budget was $120 million in 2017.

County commissions appoint development offices, which grab federal grants from the Appalachian Regional Commission for projects that never seem to help the area, although well-connected politicos seem to do well.

I mean, why else run for county commissioner?

Unless you are really into appointing guardians ad litem.

And the Appalachian Regional Commission gets great press. The Charleston Gazette bellowed: “Trump budget axes program that funds WV infrastructure projects.” The newspaper seems stuck on May 10, 1960, when Jack Kennedy won the West Virginia primary.

But the real halt to federally funded state projects came when Bob Byrd died in June 2010.

Despite the decades of infrastructure spending, West Virginia is now the second-poorest state in the country, after Mississippi, which is also in this consortium of states.

And thanks to the collapse of the coal industry — hastened by the Obama regime — and Big Pharma’s pushing opioids, West Virginia has led the nation in the rate of drug overdose rates for the past decade.

The test for funding the Appalachian Regional Commission: is it working?


Defund it.

I imagine the Delta Regional Authority has a similar situation.

You have to hand it to Gannett. Yesterday they fired 21 reporters out of 60 in the CA newsroom. Last month they fired about 19 in the print area. There will probably be more to come.

Who’s the hypocrite on the chopping block?

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