Smick Smacks Freedom Caucus

Yesterday David Smick, a former writer for the Hill and author of a new book, The Great Equalizer, was a guest on Varney and Co.

He talked about the difficulty Republicans are having repealing Obamacare. A longtime observer of Congress, he had some insights on what is going on.

He indicated that the Freedom Caucus was playing the role of front man for some Republicans in the Senate, in particular Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. Smick acknowledged that those senators are still smarting from the primary loss to Donald Trump and that is the source of some of their opposition.

Smick also pointed to the Koch Brothers who have backed them and the Freedom Caucus. The Koch Bros. are very opposed to a border tax, since trade is a big part of their business. They are hoping to derail the repeal of Obamacare as a roadblock to tax reform that would include that tax. Smick said that in D.C. what you are told on the surface is usually not the issue at play.

Smick’s comments about the Freedom Caucus members’ dependence on the Koch Bros. money is something I have seen corroborated on other news sites. They have threatened to pull all money for their reelections if they allow the Obamacare repeal.

You may recall the Koch Brothers backed Hillary in the 2016 race.

Smick and Varney both voiced frustration that the Freedom Caucus would rather have Obamacare than repeal it and work on a replacement. Smick cautioned that the Freedom Caucus members were playing a dangerous game. If the economy and the stock market head down, he believes it will be called the Freedom Caucus recession and the Freedom Caucus stock market crash.

Although I wasn’t able to find yesterday’s clip, take a look at this clip when Smick and Varney discussed the repeal vote on the day it had been scheduled. They have some interesting observations.

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