“Local” Only for Lib Causes

You’ve seen the bumper stickers and heard people say “Eat Local.” It’s what’s on the menu for liberal opinion spouters.

They feel very virtuous in asking us to eat local. It fits the environmentalists ideals because less fossil fuel is used hauling produce and comestibles from local farms rather than far away or even international sites. It implies that the propagandist talking about it really cares about the place he or she lives.

It is also a lefty blow to big business in that the eat local proponent is supposedly supporting mom and pop stores. It’s kind of a labor vs. big bad corporation meme.

But isn’t it interesting that it doesn’t apply to other things?

Take, for instance, the local newspaper. The firing of dozens of people from the CA recently has had a backlash on social media. Many people are angry that our local folks have been let go. Gannett says it will now be covering the entire state of Tennessee and that we, even though we are stuck in the farthest corner of the state, would prefer to know about events in Knoxville and Chattanooga instead of our own town.

Yet for all these outraged people, how many of them actually subscribed to the local paper? The number probably is in the single digits.

Many Memphians, particularly the younger ones, never wanted to shell out for local news they could see on TV, on the internet or in a free newspaper. That’s fine. That’s their option.

But don’t complain when the local doings you need to know about in government don’t get much coverage. Our local stations don’t want to devote more than a minute or two to City Hall goings on. Unless you record it, you don’t have the details at your fingertips that newsprint provides.

Losing a local newspaper is like losing a bit of city history and culture. The plate looks awfully empty.

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