Daddy’s Back

I was surprised last night to read that 59 tomahawk missiles had been fired into Syria. At first glance it seems alarming.

We don’t want to get embroiled in another war in the Middle East and candidate Trump assured us that we would not. Has he gone back on his promise so quickly?

I don’t think so. Maybe having lived through many similar events, I have to trust that our Commander in Chief knows what he is doing. There is a saying that at certain times Americans want a father figure as president; in others, they want the coddling of a mother. This action tells me that Daddy’s back in charge.


We didn’t set about to kill civilians. We didn’t set about to kill Muslims. They do a pretty good job of that by themselves. We don’t want territory and we don’t want oil. We don’t want chemical warfare used on anyone in the region including our soldiers and we don’t want it sent over here.

Trump was swatting them and telling them don’t do that again.

And he should.

Chemical weapons are a line too far. Even Obama knew that. He just didn’t want to act on it. That made us look weak. Weakness breeds aggression in other powers. If someone had stopped Hitler from genocide early on, millions more people would have gone on to live happy lives. No, appeasement was tried then as previously by Obama and it never works.

I like the fact that he did it while dining with the Chinese premier. It had the tinge of that great scene in the Godfather in which Michael Corleone attends his child’s baptism while retaliation was taken out on his enemies. You don’t announce what you’re doing and you don’t hesitate. Trump told us he would operate like that.
Another plus: North Korea got the message that they will get similar treatment if they try anything, too. Now they know he’s not posturing.

And how about that Democrat idea that Trump is a puppet for Russia. Doesn’t look like it now, does it?

Welcome back, Daddy. The family need you.

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