Recess – Not a Bad Thing

Some conservative pundits are bemoaning the fact that the Republican lead Congress has taken two weeks off for Easter vacation.

Why don’t they stay and work on fixing Obamacare, they ask? Why don’t they stay and start tackling taxes? Is this how to govern?

While I agree that their governance skills are appalling, the fact they’ve left town is not a bad thing. It’s a good thing. They will be out of the swamp and away from the critters who circle it.

As I see it, it’s a perfect opportunity for the administration to draw certain members aside. Perhaps they will get an invitation to golf with Trump. Perhaps he will meet them at Mar a Lago. It’s a good opportunity for Trump to do a little wheeling and dealing, especially without the press and pundits acting as if they know what’s going on or trying to influence them.

Without the barrage of experts telling them what they must do, the 10% that isn’t happy with the last Obamacare reform may indicate that they are open to compromises. They don’t need the pressure of malcontents stirring up trouble.

It’s an opportunity for the art of the deal.

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