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I have mixed feelings about Bill O’Reilly’s ouster from Fox News.

I was never a big fan and really have not watched it much in the past few years. He was a blowhard and I didn’t like how he would blow hot and cold on Obama, climate change and other issues. Lots of commentators referred to him by his initials, BOR, with the ensuing meaning.

If he was as obnoxious and harassing to women as his accusers say – and there are too many and too similar to dismiss – he’s not a role model, is he? Evidently he treated his ex wife poorly, allegedly throwing her down a flight of stairs while his kids watched.

But I don’t like how he has now joined the group of other people taken out by the Left. General Flynn, Roger Ailes, Milo Yanniapolous and now O’Reilly. They have been targeted for removal so as to weaken and harm the conservative movement. Who’s next? Rush? Hannity?

New York radio host and sometimes Hannity substitute Mark Simone cleverly tweeted “There was no way to save Bill O’Reilly, unless he wanted to change his name to Bill Clinton, then liberals would be fine with it.” Absolutely true.

As in so many things, look to the New York Times, George Soros and Media Matters behind all this. It is rumored that 50 companies who sponsored The Factor were contacted and threatened if they continued to advertise on his show. Mobs gathered in front of Fox News to protest O’Reilly. That has the stench of Soros’ hire a protestor motus operandi.

Fox News will probably suffer from the loss. He was a big income maker and his loss and the subsequent schedule changes may not succeed. The Five has been moved to 8 Central Time; Tucker Carlson to O’Reilly’s 7 gig; Hannity stays the same; Eric Bolling inherits The Five’s 4 o’clock spot, minus the others. O’Reilly’s popularity helped keep viewers watching Carlson and Hannity. They may dive out now before those shows come on. The Five will be a weak viewership gatherer for Hannity’s follow.

The Murdoch brothers will not have the conservative viewers’ back, either. They are big climate change proponents and urged Fox to get edgy at the 2016 debates with Megyn Kelly’s acid tongue, Bret Baier’s skepticism and Chris Wallace’s left leanings. Expect more of that. They were all too eager to get rid of Roger Ailes. It didn’t take long to dump O’Reilly.
I agree with this commentator:

This is the opening salvo aimed at taking Trump down in 2020.

O’Reilly, as obnoxious as he is, gave Trump a platform, credibility, exposure and a huge audience. He also kept some of the other Fox backstabbers on their toes through his top dog position.

I think LSM got to the Murdoch’s through his pajama-boy sons and his new wife (ex-Jagger spouse) and pushed him to go against his instincts.

This will demolish Fox but also take away a key chip for Trump.

The question is will someone or something rise up to fill the gap and will it be in time? We’ve got almost 4 years but Bill-O’s ouster is a huge win for the left.

Look at what’s left.
Perrino? Hates Trump
McCallum – same thing
Tucker – don’t trust him. There’s clearly no love lost between him and POTUS
The Five? Give me a break. Between Juan and Bob it’s hostile territory and won’t work at 9pm.
Baier? Despises Trump.
Shep? A fruitcake SJW neverTrumper.

So between 1 and 10 pm it’s a non-stop Trump bash.

Sean will be gone because there will be ZERO lead-in for him.

The left, Antifa, the POS, Soros are all cheering tonight.

Oh well, one more big reason to cut the cable. Aside from Lou, Varney and Sean there’s nothing of value left.

Evidently Murdoch’s newspapers in Australia promote a globalist view and are constant Trump bashers.

What O’Reilly needs to do now is to turn his skills in investigative reporting on his enemies. He should dig into Sulzberger at the New York Times, George Soros and Jeff Bezos to start.

They need a taste of their own medicine. He could find a platform to do it. He could help at One America News, Right Side Broadcasting or Breitbart. He could do it via Youtube.

In today’s world it’s pretty easy to get a platform. Someone needs to do this and he’s got the ability and motive to do it.

Will he?

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