Swamp Monsters Seek to Stop LePen

Part of the French election occurred yesterday. The results are that Marine Le Pen will face Emmanuel Macron May 7th.

Le Pen wants to keep France French, evidently a radical idea for the elite. Le Pen wants to make France great again and this is unacceptable to the establishment that likes things the way they are.

It appears this is France’s last chance to avoid becoming a sort of Islamic socialist state. A French friend tells me that it is very dangerous to be in Paris. She warned that if you go on the subway system, do not speak English and do not look at others. Just don’t speak at all, she says.

There are also great swaths of homeless people, many of them Muslim, who live in the streets. There are areas the police won’t go into; areas that operate under Sharia law.

Macron doesn’t seem interested in addressing the survival of his nation. He’s kind of a mini me Obama. The latter phoned Macron last week. Wonder what advice he was giving him?

Like Obama, Macron is young, 39, and looks the part of an attractive political candidate. He doesn’t have much of a background. The Agence France Press describes him ” “Neither of the right, nor the left” in his own words, Emmanuel Macron is a 39-year-old former banker hoping to convince the French to take a chance on his brand of youthful optimism.” Kind of a hopey changey kind of guy.

Thomas Lifson at americanthinker.com says

He was trained at the ultra-elite École nationale d’administration, from which France’s ruling technocrats have been drawn for generations. He worked for the French government as an “inspector” of finances, and then went to work for the Rothschild Bank in Paris, where he made millions of dollars. He received a senrio appointment from Francois Hollande’s first government in 2012, as Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, but resigned when Hollande became so unpopular that it might damage his own prospects.

And, for a little spice, he married his high school teacher who was 24 years older than he, and was married and had two kids. The romance started when he was 15, but don’t worry – they waited until he was 18 to go public. The kind of people who make such jokes contend that this is a cover for him being gay. Who knows? Who cares?

And just as President Reagan did archetypal activities relating to our national myths – clearing brush wearing a cowboy hat – Macron speaks to French cultural obsessions.

Emmanuel Macron is celebrating his victory in France’s first-round presidential election at a Left Bank eatery frequented by Ernest Hemingway and other artistic dignitaries.

The choice to dine in La Rotonde in the Montparnasse neighborhood fits with Macron’s literary leanings — he quotes poets and philosophers in his campaign rallies.

While Macron insists he’s neither left nor right, La Rotonde has a “caviar left” feel. It has an anti-establishment flavor though too, thanks to the surrealist painters associated with its past.

So very anti-establishment that obviously the political establishment would be worried, don’t you think? Maybe not:

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel says it is important for France and for Europe that Emmanuel Macron win the French presidential runoff election.

Speaking in Amman, Jordan, Gabriel said: “It’s important for France because he has the courage and the strength to lead the country out of its lethargy.”

He adds that a Macron victory would signal a “new beginning for Europe,” but he says a win by Marine Le Pen would “push Europe deeper into crisis.”

What a guy! Hard to imagine a 39 year old woman interested in a 15 year old boy.

Let’s hope Le Pen is mightier than the Leftist sword. We really don’t know because the same people who were wrong about our election, are prognosticating again.

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