Not Again!

The Washington Examiner reports that now Fox News’ Jesse Waters is in hot water over a woman.

In this case, it’s Ivanka Trump.

It had to do with the comment he made in this video. He says he “really liked how she was speaking into that microphone,” at an event in Germany.

The Washington Examiner says “Many viewers saw it as a sexually explicit remark, agitating a sore spot for Fox, which has seen two of its biggest names depart over the past year due to sexual harassment claims.

“Watters on Wednesday, however, defended himself, saying he was merely referring to Trump’s voice, which ‘resonates like a smooth jazz radio DJ.’”

Has it come to this? No one can speak tongue in cheek or innocently without someone on the left plotting their takedown?

If the media were honest, they’d have had the scalps (can I say that?) of JFK, Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton and many more.

They want to take out Fox News. They may be succeeding.

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