Tillerson Starts to Axe

Last night I watched a BBC show entitled “Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby.” Two people go to the most unusual and posh hotels around the world. One such was the Royal Mansour in Marrakech, Morocco.

The hotel is splendid, to say the least. About 500 people work in warrens under the main floor to take care of the needs of guests, clean uniforms and linens, and cook for the two top restaurants. One of the employees told the host he only gets 2-3 hours sleep at night, because he is always available to serve guests. They must always be at their beck and call to cater to whatever whim or need they have.

In the garden, a fortune was spent on importing 600 year old olive trees to adorn the grounds, along with palm trees, a pool and flowers. There was pressure to work night and day on this in preparation for a U.N. conference on climate change that was days away.

Only the best for the U.N., eh? It occurred from November 7 to the 18th. That’s a nice, long stay for the global political elites. Why not? They aren’t paying a dime for it. Taxpayers are. And for what? The purpose was to “discuss and implement plans about combatting climate change and to [demonstrate] to the world that the implementation of the Paris Agreement is underway. Participants work together to come up with global solutions to climate change.”
Then Secretary of State John Kerry attended with his granddaughter, Isabelle. Hey, why not bring the whole family to a luxurious place you don’t pay for.

With the election Nov. 8, you can imagine the long faces. USA Today reported,

An election watch party at the Royal Hotel that included dozens of summit delegates, environmentalists and others grew somber Wednesday as vote tallies pointed to a Trump victory.

“We came here to celebrate the election results and it has turned into a kind of a wake,” said Chris Tanner, who is doing post-graduate research on climate impacts with the State University System of New York.

I would very much like to have seen their expressions.

Thankfully, our new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has begun stopping the gravy train these people enjoy.
From Bloomberg:

The State Department plans to cut 2,300 U.S. diplomats and civil servants — about 9 percent of the Americans in its workforce worldwide — as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson presses ahead with his task of slashing the agency’s budget, according to people familiar with the matter.

The majority of the job cuts, about 1,700, will come through attrition, while the remaining 600 will be done via buyouts, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the decision hasn’t been publicly announced. William Inglee, a former Lockheed Martin Corp. official and policy adviser in Congress, is overseeing the budget cuts and briefed senior managers on the plan Wednesday, the people said.

The personnel cuts, which may be phased in over two years, represent the most concrete step taken by Tillerson as he seeks to reverse the expansion the department saw under former President Barack Obama’s administration and meet President Donald Trump’s demand — outlined in an executive order signed last month — to cut spending across federal agencies. A draft budget outline released in March for the year that begins Oct. 1 seeks a 28.5 percent reduction in State Department spending from fiscal 2016.

People at State have stood up for the global elitists over Americans every time. That needs to stop. This is our best opportunity to end their sprees in decades. Please persevere, Mr. Secretary.

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