After 100 + Days, Debacle?

Republicans must stop the hysteria. The past few days there has been so much uproar about the budget, you’d think Trump had become Obama. You’d think – by some pundits – that the Trump electorate had been sold down the river.

Really? The budget is only until September. The initial screams of betrayal are not just premature, many are inaccurate. I had to turn off Rush because he was making people despair. As it turns out, our side did get some things from the budget. Of course the Dems are going to cry victory! They’re always thinking they’re winners. See election night November 8, 2016, if you doubt it.

No one really puts it in perspective, however, like blogger Don Surber. He is the author of two online books: Trump the Press and Trump the Establishment. Here’s what he had to say:

So, it turns out that six weeks after the media declared “Trumpcare” dead, the House will vote on it tomorrow, which means passage.

How does “Trump the Establishment” end?

Oh yes:

Never bet against Donald John Trump.

But some readers have hedged their bets lately.

They may fear being sold out by President Trump.

They fret about the budget that includes funding for Planned Parenthood but not the Wall. The Planned Parenthood money already was allocated, and the Wall won’t need money until the next budget year, which begins October 1.

The fact is, Trump is doing fine.

But facts are seldom reported because the Washington Establishment wants Trump supporters to worry.

Reporters wish to sow the seeds of despair and distrust among us.


When they say the budget is longer than Obamacare, ask them how long last year’s budget was.

When they say the new bill is Obamacare light, ask them where the mandates are.

When they say the Wall will never be built, ask them if they did not say Trump would not win.

Legislating is the realm of Congress, not the president.

Just remember what Trump’s powers are as president.

He has only a pen and a phone.

Unlike Barack Obama, he does not have 2 million federal employees registered as voters in his party.

Unlike Barack Obama, he does not have the media in his pocket.

Unlike Barack Obama, he does not have a Congress that fears being called racist if it calls him out.

All President Trump has is a pen and a phone.

Oh, and a Twitter account.

But one man telling the truth beats a media that lies, fabricates, and prevaricates.

I told readers last August to hang in there, even when all the polls said he would lose.

Now he is the president.

Keep the faith, baby.

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