Cohen Sick About Repeal

Rep. Steve Cohen sent his weekly email touting all he’d done in the past few days:

“This week, I voted against the disastrous Trumpcare bill, voted in support of an omnibus appropriations bill that funds many priorities for Memphians and increases the budget for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), introduced a bill to reduce the prevalence of food deserts, questioned airline executives on the safety and health consequences of smaller airplane seats, spoke with Newsweek about my bipartisan bill to commission a bust of Elie Wiesel in the U.S. Capitol, and opposed President Trump’s executive order on religious liberty.”

It’s like we’re on different planets. We Republicans are on Planet Reality; the Dems are in outer space, in a galaxy far away on a tiny place called Planet Fantasy.

He goes on to outright lie:

“On Thursday, I voted against Trumpcare because it is harmful to the average American and will result in people dying because they don’t have access to quality, affordable health insurance. Trumpcare would allow states to discriminate against patients with pre-existing conditions and to opt out of offering essential health benefits such as maternity care, mental health services, pediatric services, preventative care services, drug abuse treatment and physical rehabilitation services. As many as 24 million more Americans would be uninsured and those 50-64 years of age would pay significantly higher premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. It would significantly reduce federal funding for Medicaid, shorten the life of the Medicare Trust Fund and waive annual and lifetime caps now prohibited by the ACA. Lower and middle-income Americans would pay more for less coverage while the wealthiest Americans receive huge tax breaks.”
“Disastrous Trumpcare” is a childish response to fixing the mess that has been Obamacare, leaving millions with such a high deductible they choose not to go to the doctor. Want facts? The death rate in this country has accelerated in the past seven years. It will continue to rise unless something is done about it.

His biggest lie is one Dems are repeating about preexisting conditions. There are provisions for preexisting conditions in the bill. Dr. Nicole Saphier was on Fox & Friends this morning disputing that. She said – correctly – that health care is “currently unaffordable for everyone, not just those with preexisting conditions.”
She explained that high risk pools will help offset the costs and the bill puts more control in the state and individuals hands than in D.C.

Saphier continued. Saying states do not have to cover essential health benefits is also untrue, she said. Federal law says essential benefits must be covered; if you are in a waiver state you’ll have more coverage options. In other words, for maternity care individuals who don’t need it won’t pay for it, but states will give tailored health plans to individuals and you’ll pay for what you need.

As for 24 million losing care, many more lost insurance with Obamacare because they couldn’t pay for it and chose not to get it? Before, no one was turned away from an ER or left in the cold. Health clinics and charities took care of much of it as did doctors who did things pro bono.

If you’re worried about access to quality health care, then you should be worried that fewer students want to be doctors in a system that dictates to them what they can do and fails to reward them. It isn’t in Canada and the UK where breakthroughs in medicine and techniques get made and then made available to patients. It’s been the U.S.

As for an age tax, of course older people have more conditions to take care of. Depending on young people to take insurance that penalizes them for other people is not fair and didn’t work anyhow.

And, obviously, allowing companies to work across state lines will increase competition for your purchase and lower costs.

Cohen, like all Democrats, can’t resist using their favorite meme. The wealthy will get big breaks and the rest of us will not. Class warfare doesn’t work well in our electorate because Americans see that it isn’t true.

The rest of Cohen’s week was rather sad. A bill to reduce food deserts? Michelle is gone and so is that ridiculous topic. Boasting of speaking to Newsweek? A bust of Wiesel maybe shouldn’t take precedence over problems in his district like crime, poverty and poor education. Then opposing Trump’s executive order preserving religious liberty shows how little the issue means to him.

Cohen and the Dems are on life support and they don’t even know it. You’d think that after the 2010, 2014 and 2016 elections in which Obamacare was one of the top issues, they’d be reasonable. No, they still don’t get it. They will continue to live on their planet, drifting farther away from the American mainstream.

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