Why Does the Media Lie?

The new narrative the media and the Democrats (really the same people) are pushing is that the repeal/replacement of Obamacare will make Republicans lose the House and possibly Senate in 2018.

Many in the GOP start clutching their pearls upon hearing this. We are so used to being the underdog that we don’t know how to use power and dismiss this. Why anyone would believe these people is beyond me.

First, facts dispute their claims. The Dems lost in 2010, 2014 and 2016 because of Obamacare. They lost bigly, even extending from victories in the House, Senate and White House into state legislatures. This is indisputable.

Then why would anyone trust what the media says? Their bias is also indisputable and they show it every day. How do they survive on such a poor record?

A reader at the Don Surber blog gave the best explanation:

Those who read the NYT and Politico etc don’t care if their messengers are right or wrong. They need a fairytale to keep them believing the red haired Troll will soon be killed by a handsome prince, say the one in Georgia as he rides across the Kulture bridge to glory..
The papers are there for themselves too, to help and encourage, keep paid subscribers subscribing and clicking. If they themselves cared whether they were right or wrong they would be more hesitant or more discreet more truthful, more quantoid, because the future is always unknown and could change at any minute or second. But they have a new role, new in modern history:
They are part of the psychiatric resistance now. Their mentor is the commander of ISIS who said to his recruits: “Jihad cures depression!” Yes, holy work gives one self value in the world, even if that means mentally leaving it.
So the NYT. How depressing is their world now. Very. Even Goddess Streisand has given up, can only sing the woeful beagle blues from her creaking Golden car.
So now The stunning all new Message to Garcia: hope for revolution, join the resistance, have happy thoughts of glorious victories to come under ever laughing ox eyed commandress Pelosi, come and hear the beat of dancing feet, out there on 42nd street, and Times Square, the center of the World.

It’s true. They have no interest in giving the facts or exposing information. It’s propaganda all the way. All the way to the edge of the cliff and then down.

Don’t pay them any attention. They are like the Hollywood elites. Who would take advice from them?

The American electorate hasn’t. The media folks are the last to get the news on that.

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