Swamp Draining Begins

Last night’s announcement that FBI Director Jim Comey had to go was welcome news.

Both Republicans and Democrats – and all Americans – should be glad. The guy was obviously in it for himself. It’s no surprise that when you try to please both sides and lose your judgment on right and wrong it will eventually catch up with you.Last night it did for Comey.

When the announcement came, I couldn’t help thinking about what he did last July. Over the 4th of July weekend he and his guys interviewed Hillary Clinton about her emails and servers without swearing her in under oath or recording any of what she said.

Who would do that who really wanted the truth? Answer: no one.

It was particularly enjoyable that Comey found out about it the way he did. While many are criticizing Trump for this, it was quite delicious. Here was Comey, addressing a crowd in LA, finding out about it via a television news alert. He thought it was a joke or prank on him. He was the joke. I would like to have seen his face when reality knocked on his door.

But don’t cry for him now that he’s unemployed. He’s worth about $11 million and this is a property he owns in Connecticut not too far from Martha Stewart.

The Daily Mail describes it as “a seven bedroom, nine bath, 7,157 square foot gated home in one of Connecticut’s ritziest Gold Coast towns, Westport, whose white sandy beaches line Long Island sound and whose residents have included such powerful, moneyed Democrat neighbors over the years as Stewart.” Also nearby is Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

He made most of his money as a high roller for a hedge fund on Wall Street.

One swamp lizard gone, many more to go.

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