Media’s Biggest Scoop Ever!

This should frighten, appall and disgust you.

Well, at least according to Time and CNN.

Check this out:

Yes, we have Sprinklegate. He likes sprinkles on his ice cream, too. Everybody just gets one scoop. They are assuming guests would not be permitted to ask for another scoop – or that the White House servers would not ask them if they want one.

Maybe some guests are watching their weight in that supercharged politically and diet-ly correct Washington DC.

No, Trump is obviously a tyrant, don’t you know.

The Fourth Estate is hoping to tie him to Marie Antoinette and her supposed “let them eat cake” remark. Maybe you’ll make the connection and someone will rid them of this usurper of the elitist entitlements. I bet they’d like to resurrect the guillotine.

If I recall, Barack Hussein Obama was also a fan of ice cream and Michelle liked to pick up multiple pies at her favorite elite pie place mostly for her own enjoyment.

Come on media. You should have something bigger on your plate than this.

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