Here’s What Is Really Happening

This week’s events and the slant of media has made it a bit difficult to get to the truth this week.

There is a quite good timeline and explanation of it all at the Conservative Treehouse. A comment on the blog succinctly gets to the heart of it though:

The FBI questioned Flynn on the 24th (of January). They call McGhan (White House counsel) on the morning of the 25th that they needed to talk about sensitive information. They are called back on the 26th to further clarify questions McGhan had about interfering with an ongoing investigation against Flynn. He asks for the documents. Instead of getting them that day they told him they would have it to him on Monday. They knew Comey was going to or had already asked to have dinner on Sunday. That was the trap! Comey or our President tapped the conversation (most likely Comey). They would have arrested him (Trump) for interfering in an investigation sometime this summer but our President blew up their plan by firing and having his body guard from NY (Keith) go and clean out his office before McCabe and the crew could. You can bet your bottom dollar there were men outside the office with their guns ready in case someone tried to get in and get the goods.

This smells like a trap worked out by Obama. Look how early it was – only 4 days after inauguration that they started this. After the election, Obama would have scrambled to figure out how to undermine Trump. He still had at his fingertips all the compliant members of the DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA. Obama, if you recall, suddenly opened up the ability of the feds to spread around any information they had gleaned, sharing it and manipulating it.

Interesting that the administration used the opportunity of Comey being so far away to supposedly go and grab his information, files and tapes. Perhaps that is what President Trump was alluding to in his tweet. I’ve heard that Comey was shocked at the firing and then became flaming mad.

Interesting, too, is his brother’s relationship to the Clinton Foundation. According to Gateway Pundit, Comey’s brother works for the law firm that handles the Clinton Foundation’s taxes. The story is here:

Big League Politics reports: “Property records show that James Comey owns the mortgage on his brother Peter Comey’s house in Virginia. Therefore, James Comey had a direct financial relationship with a DLA Piper (the firm) executive at the time he was investigating Clinton.

“These relationships, though egregious, are symptomatic of the brazen culture of crony capitalism that exists in our nation’s capital. The public usually is prevented from learning these kinds of things, with the mainstream media blocking information from coming out. Sunlight is the only remedy.”

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