Nov. 8 Broke the Spell

I have come to realize that the election November 8 didn’t just elect Donald Trump president. It didn’t just put the GOP in charge of the government. It was much more revolutionary than that.

November 8 changed the American people.

It didn’t change American values and it didn’t change our national identity. It didn’t change our morals or beliefs. It changed how we see the world.

Since the advent of television and television news coverage, Americans – for the most part – have believed that the networks and the cable news networks actually reported facts. We believed that the major broadcasters at least attempted to be fair. Their bureaus seemed filled with intelligent people who might have a different political leaning than some of us, but they wouldn’t make up stories about others. They wouldn’t lie and they would accept what happens and not insert themselves into events.

Newspapers, too, could have their biases, but Americans thought they, too, delivered the truth – mostly.

But on November 8th and 9th all that was shattered. The media will never again manipulate the public.

First, the polls they swore by, even on election night, were 95% wrong. The uber guru Nate Silver’s election predictions were way off. The pundits, who early in the evening foresaw a quick Clinton victory, had to get off their high horses and wallow in the muddy mess they’d made. The news anchors had to admit that Trump had won, which they did grudgingly and sullenly.

It was as if a spell was broken, the witch had melted, and all at once we saw that the emperors had no clothes. Viewers and readers flat out don’t believe them anymore and recognize that what we’re being fed is speculation.

This has turned the media into a frenzy of anger, lying and hysteria. Even after all these months, they still can’t accept reality because it means their power has gone.

If you doubt this, reexamine this week. Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and all the rest have screamed at us that Trump was guilty of collaborating with the Russians. They pushed story after implausible story to convince us. They made impeachment look inevitable in the next few weeks. They got every kind of expert to contribute to this meme.

The stock market went down dramatically mid week amid all this talk. You, like me, probably turned off the TV and went on to ignore the screaming. There is only so much drama and hysteria we can take.

For most of us not on the East or West coast, all this seems as absurd as it is. We know who they are now. We know what they want. We aren’t listening anymore.

We know they are lying and manipulating. We recognize their motus operandi. We’ve had enough. There are rumblings that news viewership is down. We know newspaper circulation is, too. We are ignoring Hollywood in their Trump hate. Box office is down. So much for blockbusters and summer movie going bonanzas. They have turned us off there, too.

We know who they are and what they want. Their power over us has been lifted.

They will never regain it.

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