How the Game Is Played

Watching the President’s speech this morning, I couldn’t help but think how small ball the whole Russia thing is and how ridiculous it is that it got any coverage whatsoever.

Trump went right for the big issues in his first overseas trip. He has dared to go where others wouldn’t tread. He’s put a lot on the line visiting the homes of the three great world religions. Nothing timid or small in his plans.

In this speech, Trump spoke about uniting nations to crush ISIS. He didn’t ignore Iran nor did the Saudi king. They recognize that it is an existential threat. It’s about time we heard that. Obama wanted to lead us from behind right over a cliff.

Trump also secured a deal that will bring billions into our country and thousands of jobs. Ask an unemployed person what’s more important to them – a job or speculation by unnecessary journalists about meting out their brand of hatred?

I bet the job wins.

But what do we get at home? A press caught up in this trivial and baseless Russia narrative.

No better illustration than this morning’s CA. Trump’s face takes up 2/3 of the Viewpoint page with the headline “Impeachment: Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare?” Has anyone yet found any crime he’s guilty of – except for being the election victor? No. They hope to tie us up in manufactured crises like this instead of the real problems facing the country.

The article is not even worth a summary glance.

Conservative writer Mike Cernovich offers a solution. He advises,

Young Trump supporters get their news from (in this order) Twitter, YouTube, Drudge, and FoxNews (although that’s changing, as FoxNews is not sufficiently America first).

Older Trump supporters get their news from talk radio, FoxNews, Drudge, Twitter, and YouTube. When WaPo or NY Times drops a “devastating” story on Trump, do you know who reads these stories  —  liberals!

Cernovich says end the daily press briefings. Go on offense and use Twitter to link stories and make news.

Run Trump’s Twitter, and Sean Spicer’s Twitter, like the Drudge Report or another popular Twitter account. Trump can set the news cycle by linking to articles. He should be linking to articles about the Awan Brothers, Anthony Weiner, and other vile and corrupt Democrats.

Trump should be linking to 5 to 10 news articles each day. This will allow his Twitter to not only be a direct voice to the people, but it will also become a news curation site. Someone like Laura Ingraham would be perfect at curating high-impact articles.

Make the fake news media and liberals own their criminals.

Absolutely. He needs to free us from the tyranny of the press. Revolutionary I know, but how we win.

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