The Zombie Press

Liberals and media people waking up this morning to a Republican victory in Montana are probably headed to their safe rooms and getting out their coloring books. Once again, the prospect of Democrat domination has evaporated.

The press did everything they could to help the Democrat Quist to victory. Yesterday’s TV and radio shows talked about almost nothing else except the altercation between Republican candidate Gianforte and the Guardian reporter who harassed him. The media was salivating so much at the thought of a good Republican thumping that you had to make sure to catch the slobber coming out of the TV set.

The continual coverage by the media would have made you think it was JFK’s assassination again or some major terror attack. The provocation by the uber Leftist Guardian reporter had the scent of Soros on it. Maybe a media type was encouraged to bait the Republican to do something thereby sparking outrage, anger and a loss at the voting booth.
Didn’t happen.

They were busy manufacturing fake news again.

How long will it take the press to realize that they no longer have complete influence over the electorate? These zombies don’t realize they are dead yet. The more they howl, the less people listen to them. It may even have shot a few votes the Republican’s way because if the media’s against you, it’s a plus.

This playbook gets done again and again. It’s getting old. We now see that if you have an R by your name, you R in their crosshairs. Get prepared, get ready and have a plan to combat them.

If anyone is lawless it’s the media/democrats who engage in all this. Do I think they will move on? No. But we have.

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