Dems Plot for Majority

Last night I heard another ridiculous “fair and balanced” exchange between a Democrat and a Republican on Fox News. The topic was how Democrats plan to reach out to veterans to run as Dem candidates in the 2018 election. Both the Republican and the Democrat were previously with the military.

The Democrat said that his party had much in common with veterans: love of country, valor, etc. Redstate says,

“They are working with VoteVets, a group that, according to the WSJ report is ‘a liberal political-action committee with which the party’s House campaign arm has often been at odds.’

“It also sounds like Democrats are banking on veteran candidates being less ideologically pure in the hope they can win the country-before-party people who are already feeling disaffected by an administration that is under FBI investigation 5 months in.”

Good luck with that strategy, Dems. You’d think they’d know by now that you can’t pretend to be what you aren’t. The current Democrat party loathes the military. Just this weekend they attacked them. Leftists accused the military of having a “toxic masculinity problem.” Sure, that will get veterans clamoring to get on board.

I wish the Republican, Carl Higbie, had asked his opponent why, if the Dems so love the military, Obama never lifted a finger to help clean up the Veterans administration and get it functioning again. He didn’t, but then again Fox only gives guests a brief time on a segment, something they should stop doing.

The New York Times, always ready to whore for the Dems, ran this headline, ” “The Dumb Politics of Elite Condescension” in an effort to help them overcome this correct perception. Professor Joan C. Williams writes, “Two changes are required for Democrats to diminish the 39-point margin by which whites without college degrees voted for Mr. Trump over Hillary Clinton.

“This first concerns social honor. Too often in otherwise polite society, elites (progressives emphatically included) unselfconsciously belittle working-class whites. We hear talk of “trailer trash” in “flyover states” afflicted by “plumber’s butt” — open class insults that pass for wit. This condescension affects political campaigns, as in Hillary Clinton’s comment about “deplorables” and Barack Obama’s about people who “cling to guns or religion.”

“If class-based insults were as politically incorrect as racial or homophobic slurs, Rush Limbaugh’s rants against P.C. elites might hold less appeal. Mr. Limbaugh, like Mr. Trump, feeds off class resentment. Let’s stop making their jobs easier.

“That’s the first step. The second is for Democrats to advocate an agenda attractive to low-income and working-class Americans of all races: creating good jobs for high school graduates. The college-for-all experiment did not work. Two-thirds of Americans are not college graduates. We need to continue to make college more accessible, but we also need to improve the economic prospects of Americans without college degrees.”

Again, good luck on that one. Once the term Deplorables came out of Hillary’s mouth, no amount of squeezing and coercing will get it put back again.
Then the policies the Dems love – high taxes, trade deals, immigrant labor, dumping of goods and preferences set for other nations – will not help them get to their goal.

I am not pessimistic at all about the 2018 elections. I think Trump will work to make sure he keeps his majorities in the House and Senate.

Then we’ll have another meltdown as the Dems do what they do best – throw tantrums.

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