Paris Accord, Trump and Power Outage

As I sit here on Day 6 with power just restored this morning (more about that later), I can’t help but draw a correlation between our current power outage problem and President Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Treaty.

On the surface, they don’t appear to be related. Some might even draw the conclusion that our power outage is because of global warming and that the storms are becoming more violent now than decades past. Some will be quick to decide that if we had done something about climate and kept the Paris accord this might not have happened.

I think that is a red herring. I think in all this global warming nonsense you have to look at who benefits from it.
The look I saw this morning on John Kerry’s face as he protested that Trump had worked against Americans said it all. He was upset. Most honest Americans do not get that upset about a vague problem that has not even been proved or one that has yet to harm anyone. You get that upset when your livelihood and power are threatened.

The elites have a lot to lose by our getting out of the Paris accord. As many have already said, the Paris accord, the Kyoto protocol or Copenhagen plan are all just steps towards one world government. When that much money is taken from regular people and scooped up by the elite it hands them the power of life, death and livelihood over us.

In the meantime, they will fly off in their private jets, live in lavish homes around the world and be driven in limousines and mega-car processions as ordinary people worry about money to fill their gas tanks.

And for what?

Former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen appeared on Fox and said “You know what happened after George Bush pulled out of the Kyoto treaty? In the next 14 years we reduced our emissions by 18%. We reduced our emissions faster than the European countries that are now criticizing Donald Trump. Our emissions right now are at 1992 levels. It’s not because of a treaty or some piece of parchment signed in Paris or Kyoto it’s because of the free market economy, innovation and technology. It’s hydraulic fracking, it’s all of these clean coal technologies that are reducing emissions. That is going to continue regardless of this Paris agreement and by the way, we did it while keeping our energy prices half of those in Europe.”


So what does that have to do with our utility company?

Ours is also run by elites who have a different plan than running our power efficiently and inexpensively. Have you noticed how the focus has been on smart meters that will cost the city at least $500 million by the time they’re done (in Chattanooga it reached a billion dollars) and not on underground cables, upgrading grids and having a better plan than panic when disaster strikes? At least that is my opinion.

I really wish a true journalist – if one exists anymore – would look into the links between smart meters and the people pushing them. I wish the newspaper would take a look at the status of our utility company and see why it is now so pathetic when it once was the number one in the country.

The head of MLGW, Mr. Collins, is in fact an unelected official who holds more sway over the populace than the mayor, Congressional representative or senators. If he pulls the plug, so to speak, we have nothing. Why is there no check on him?

Memphians have lost millions in food that spoiled and appliances that were harmed by the power and the storm. Fortunately, no deaths have been reported, but that is something that can’t be measured. Stress from the storm has hurt many peoples’ health conditions and we’ll never know how many died later at hospitals from it. How many marriages suffered, too, with the strain of coping without power? How many divorces?

The city needs to realize, as President Trump does, that one of the ways out of poverty for all Americans is inexpensive and abundant energy. It frees people to pursue businesses they might not have considered, especially private entrepreneurs.

My family was lucky because after the 2003 storm and our 11 day outage, followed by shorter but continuous power outages that Midtown experiences, we decided to purchase a home back up generator that runs on natural gas. It’s expensive, but can be weighed in terms of age and health.

We can’t count on the government to fix our problems anymore. We can’t rely on a global community to be fair to our country and do their part.

President Trump understands this, plus the phony, pseudo science that is an excuse for ending capitalism. That is the real point of all this energy hysteria.

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