Inside the White House Briefings

Lucianne Wintrich is the Gateway Pundit’s White House correspondent. For a young guy, he’s had a lot of events pop up that have attracted attention to him.

In March, for example, Fox radio reporter Jon Decker decided to trash Wintrich. He sounded off against him in the press room and Wintrich recounted, “He followed me into the briefing room calling me a Nazi,” Wintrich told Mediaite, “He really aggressively grabbed me, not to the point where I was bruised, but close to it.”

On another occasion, Wintrich was accosted by Malia Obama in a bar. He believed her to be intoxicated and under age, too.
He recounted both events at and refers to them in this Q&A he did on Reddit. He went on it to answer questions from the public about what happens when Sean Spicer takes the helm at the daily White House briefing. I have condensed his answers.

It’s an interesting look at what happens.
He begins:

I currently serve as the White House Correspondent for the Gateway Pundit news organization (, one of the last remaining #RealNews organizations out there. Prior to that, I threw the first ever conservative art show which included folks like Milo, Gavin, and Martin.

Shoutouts to all fellow Trump folks in media and all Trump loving patriots.

Shoutdowns to the NYT, Buzzfeed, and CNN who keep publishing nonsense.

I’ll stay through to the title and literally answer anything, as long as I can see the post.

Who is the worst MSM WH Correspondent? It’s Jim Acosta, isn’t it?

Well, I am biased there – my first vote goes to Jon Decker because he didn’t even have the journalistic integrity to look me up before shouting I was a nazi. But, 80% of them are equal idiots im

If you go to press conferences, do you kind of laugh at people asking stupid questions? Have you ever thought about interviewing stupid people after they ask Sean stupid questions?

LOL – watch the live feed of briefings – I’m cracking up and rolling my eyes 90% of the time at those idiots.

So are we, Lucian, so are we

Is the media being called “Fake news” the biggest trigger for them or is there something else?

ABSOLUTELY. It’s hilarious. They are massively triggered by being called “#FakeNews”. Personally, I’m massively triggered when they call themselves “journalists”

That is good to hear, thanks I will redouble my #VeryFakeNews offensive.

What is the biggest threat to Trump’s agenda?

The MSM.

Steve Bannon wasn’t lying.

The ((MSM)) is the enemy of the people.

Who is more interesting to watch destroy “journalists”, Sean or Sarah?

Sarah is (dont tell Sean)


What’s the craziest thing that you’ve experienced behind-the-scenes in journalism? Have you had to keep any secrets and/or been asked to distort the truth in your reporting?

How crazy the left bias is. They stopped even trying to hide it.

Second Q – LOL – not at all, that’s why I love this job

I’m so glad there are journalists like you out there that actually care about reporting the facts. Kudos to you. You’re part of a dying breed.

Did anyone from the MSM stick up for you when that cuck called you a Nazi?

Not at all, they high-fived him. They’re all part of the same propaganda machine.

Are the WH Secret Service members happier since the “change” in January?

They all love Trump, same with the military. I have multiple friends in the Marines and they all say the same thing.

Awesome to hear! We love him in the Air Force too.

Navy checking in. Love him here as well

Army here, can also confirm our love for the CiC

Been out for 16 years but that makes me want to go back in.

How has GP’s relationship with the WH and staff been so far? Any surprises or par for expectations? Thanks for being a based outlet. Been surfing gatewaypundit for almost 10 years now.

The WH loves us; the MSM hates us and keeps trying to keep us out. can’t say too much because we have an impending lawsuit against them. Thanks for reading!!!

How frustrating is it to listen to some of the questions asked during the press briefings? Yesterday was a good example when Sean spent 10 minutes talking about the overseas trip and the first question was about Russia….

Also, do you get annoyed with the correspondents that cry about being called fake news? (I’m looking at you Jim Acosta!!!)

LOL – yes. They are all on the same Slack; they all ask the same questions that have been disproven and discounted. They are lib propaganda. It’s highly frustrating. It’s a joke. Thank God that this administration has opened the room up to actual reporters.

They are all on the same Slack [a new way of connecting with people. The company says “It’s a digital workspace that powers your organization — all the pieces and the people.”]

You should expose that. I would guess many Americans don’t realize the level of collusion that is happening in the media.

Or even know what Slack is. Heck a lot of my younger friends don’t even know what it is or get the concept of an always connected group chat.

When will you ask Spicer “What is your opinion on the fact that every libshit reporter in the audience right now is literally coordinating ‘gotcha questions’ and untold faggotry in secret chatrooms on their little laptops in real time? Every day…”

Do the colluding journalists ever invite you to their slack group?

LOL – if only. I can see when they have it pulled up – that’s how they coordinate questions (as ya can see from the actual briefings) – they wouldn’t invite me in a million years

Thanks for this. Foolishly I had assumed they did all of their coordination ahead of time. How 2013 of me.

I had no clue they did this group chat thing. This makes me dislike them even more.

It’s common in this day, most people just aren’t aware and assume good faith.

The reddit admins do the same thing to coordinate narrative across the top boards (excepting the_donald).

Somebody with a nice lens could film it and have a great story there.

As hesitant as I am to encourage us to be hailing /pol/ to do work, this would be a fantastic bit of info to drop on normies.

What’s the biggest story that no one is covering?

Seth Rich

LUCIAN – thanks for joining us! I HAVE to know about what happened with Jon Decker at the White House Press Briefing. Can we get your own detailed account of what happened?

It’s available on – too long to type 😉

Does anyone not hate April Ryan?

She is the radio white house correspondent for “Urban News Radio” based out Philly – nuff said.

I’d say she’s worse than Jim. Jim is just the CNN reporter version of George Clooney

Can you please ask if gateway pundit could create a website that’s actually readable?
1-2 ads less would help. So frustrating

LOL yes. It’s literally in the works. The relaunch is in a month.

When did you start looking at /r/the_donald? Do we do a better job at getting info out quicker than GP or other big media outlets? Do you think we were a big help in electing DJT?

/r/the_donald is AMAZING – you guys are def a MAJOR contributor in bringing stuff the to spotlight of online media and a MAJOR contributor in electing DJT

How did you get started in journalism and what brought you to The Gateway Pundit?

I’ve written on and off since college – I ran our only free speech publication at Bard and wrote for a variety of op-eds since then. I met Jim at the RNC and he offered me the gig of a lifetime.

Hey Lucian,

You mention in your shoutout “all fellow Trump folks in media”, and I was just curious if there were any secretly based journalists out their, who you probably wouldn’t expect were MAGAing.

Thanks for all your work, and Praise Kek!

YES there are – many of them. But they’d lose their jobs if I publically said it.

You guys need to all come together and speak up at the same time. They can’t fire you all! The people would torch and pitchfork them!

They actually can. What makes you think they’ll stop at firing 20 journalists?

One is Shep Smith! I knew it! /s

Why is Washington Post such fake news and can that swamp ever be drained?

Washington Post is literally set up to be liberal propaganda.

Who killed Seth Rich?

Who killed Shawn Lucas?

Where is Eric Braverman?

What was Sen. Nancy Schaefer investigating before she was murdered?

Have u been following George Webb?

No – but I will now

What size audience does GP have? Have you guys seen a uptick since the election?

We average 1mil a day.

I know this must be hard to talk about, but being gay, how difficult was it when you were thrown in to Trumps death camp and personally subjected to electro shock therapy by VP Pence to fix you? I noticed the MSM hasnt reported on this directly but my FB feed was full of it during the election so it must be true. Your thoughts?

Well, I have never been doing better since Trump won. I did get electrocuted once as a kid though while taking apart a plugged in DVD player. I’ve always suspected Pence.

What do you think of Sean Spicer?

Love him, he has to put up with an incredible amount of nonsense.

What are your top sources for news stories that places like NYT and WaPo won’t cover?

Everywhere – it’s all about getting a good lead and following up – which NYT etc refuses to do if it doesn’t fit their narrative.

What went down with Malia in da club? How did you feel in that situation and how did she randomly recognize you to start up in the first place? She had to have been led on by someone right?

I was told her friend called me & TGP out to her, I tend to believe that, then she thought it was appropriate to confront me directly

On a scale of 1 to 10 how drunk was she?

It’s hard to scale a question like that when the person in question is always wasted.

Is there ANY degree of respect between the Press and President Trump?

MSM right now is in a circle-jerk, no respect for the office.

Out of the all the Verified Liberals, who is the Biggest Beta-Male Cuck?

TMTC. (too many to count, I think that exists)

Do you think Supercuts is a good monicker for Jon Decker or do you have a better one?

LOL Supercuts is perf

Has the fear turned to aggression yet? I have the sense that the old media is starting to understand that people like yourself are smart enough to debate circles around them before you take their jobs. Are they aware or still in denial?

Do you see the demise of legacy media after the Russian hacking narrative is found to be a baseless lie? If not, what will create honest journalists in your opinion?

There is a reason that MSM organizations have already lost the public trust and are losing millions of readers every year. Honest journalism in MSM is dead, right now is the rise of independent journalism.

No question, just wanted to say that I recently discovered and it is by far my favorite news site! The ads and presentation is somewhat meh, but the content and articles are hands down the best! Thanks for the great work!

I visited them for some weeks as they are always up to date and based but gave up. It’s unusuable due to the insane ad Overkill. I’m sure 2-3 less ad spots would give them even better revenue/visitors

What was the strangest thing you overheard at the White House from the media?

Literally nothing, they’re all predictable shallow idiots.

Do you think Spicy and Sarah Huckabeatdown need to start doing joint pressors so they can hand out double the BTFOs?

Why does Sean always call on the same damn reporters EVERY TIME?

It’s mindboggling, I wish I had the answer.

How do you rate Hillary’s “style”?

LOL, can’t even touch this one

You ever get in a good fist fight? Like a good – face bleeding – mouth hurting – fist fight?

YES. Three times. Won the first (high school), lost the second (fought a 35-year-old body builder who groped a female friend of mine), won the third (fought a guy who called me a Trump loving Nazi in a bar a year ago).

Ok. I don’t have time to scroll through and fact check every article from the gateway. I am a huge Trump supporter. What makes you guys different than the majority of main stream media? Credibility etc.. thank you.

-We don’t pretend (like progressive media) to be unbiased -We report on what they refuse to report on, even though it’s factually sound -We’re not funded by special interests, we’re solely funded by advertising -There are more but for the sake of time, I’ll leave it at that.

Nothing wrong with bias in journalism as long as you disclose your bias to the reader! Good stuff man!

Concerning biased journalists, do you think that they at this point understand that they’re basically the opposition party or are they still blinded by their ideology and class consciousness?

To me it all seems just too absurd at this point. I mean the Russia hoax for example has gone to such lengths that I do not understand how serious people could still pretend it to be anything other than a conspiracy theory, a bad one in fact.

Is HeatStreet the worst publication, or is it the worst publication?

WAIT till ya see what one of our writers found out about them – we’re publishing later today.

Tomi Lahren and Glen Beck are just as annoying as buzzfeed. Sometimes I think they secretly work for the left to make everyone on the right look retarded.

For real. Just watched Tomi on Crowder’s podcast and just did not enjoy her. She hot tho, like so many of ours.

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