Low Man on the Poll Wins Big

An item in yesterday’s Page Six of the New York Post caught my eye.

“Politics site Axios made a splash in Hollywood with a reception at the LA mansion of pollster Frank Luntz and another hosted by director Rob Reiner and his wife, Michele.

“At Luntz’s home, complete with a replica of the Oval Office, a spy said that when Axios’ Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen ‘led a conversation’ the mogul-heavy crowd ‘was angry, combative and yelling about the media and politics — 90 minutes of verbal combat.’”

Frank Luntz has an LA mansion? The polling business has been very good to Luntz, hasn’t it? Especially considering his poor level of competence in last year’s presidential campaign. For awhile I listened to what he had to say about the election. Then I tuned him out. He always took the standard line that Trump couldn’t win, alienating voters, etc. He hadn’t been that correct with Romney as I recalled.

I’m not sure he had an inkling of what was going to happen even on election day. He admitted it in a Time magazine story November 11: “While many Americans are surprised by the result, the people who populate the punditry class are truly shocked by it. I’m one of them. Many of us relied on a set of polls that were structurally off by two or three points in favor of Clinton, and exit polls that were simply wrong. Trump voters weren’t lying to the pollsters or afraid to be counted. On Election Day and before, they simply refused to be polled. They refused to participate in a political exercise they saw as rigged against them.”

If you pretend to know the pulse of America, you should at least have a better understanding than he did. And they must have paid him handsomely for this garbage because as I hear tell, an mansion in LA is not a minor thing.

And who has a replica of the Oval Office in his or her home? There’s something very disturbing about that. Glenn Beck had one, but it was at least in his TV studio, not adjacent to the den, bathroom or a teenager’s bedroom.

Evidently Luntz felt the need for one.

Which brings me to the need for a reception for Axios at his home. Isn’t Luntz supposedly a Republican pollster? Would you really want a gaggle of liberals in your house if you were a conservative? Would you do anything that Meathead and uber/Lefty Rob Reiner did? I wouldn’t.

Wikipedia says of Axios:

XIOS or Axios is an American news and information website founded in 2016 by Politico co-founder Jim VandeHei, Politico’s former Chief White House correspondent Mike Allen, and former Politico Chief Revenue Officer Roy Schwartz. Axios, based on the Greek word for “worthy,” officially launched in 2017.

In the summer of 2016, it secured $10 million in a round of financing led by Lerer Hippeau Ventures. Backers include NBC News, Emerson Collective, Greycroft Partners, and David and Katherine Bradley, owners of Atlantic Media.

Axios’ initial launch partners are JP Morgan & Chase Co., PhRma, Boeing, BP, Bank of America, Koch Industries, S&P Global, United Health Group, Walmart, Pepsico and Cooley LLP.

The company launched with a mission statement that consisted of, “Media is broken—and too often a scam.” It planned to focus on “business, technology, politics, and media trends.” Furthermore they disavowed the use of banner ads, pop-ups and clickbait titles, using native advertising instead. The article style was focused on brevity, clear structure and often features bullet points.

VandeHei and Allen are, in my opinion, a big part of the problem in DC. Biased creatures of the swamp who love it there. Look at the money lined up for them. Their fellow swamp critters ponied up for them. Don’t think they don’t have skin in the game of Axios. They do. They’ll want Axios tilted for their benefit, I’ll wager.

Guess we should all have gone into the very profitable world of speculation, fraud and fake news. I gave Trump about a 65% chance of winning the presidency. No big manion in LA, though.

Thank goodness.

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