Paris Accord Can Bring Discord

You, like me, probably have some well meaning but dense family members who believe in global warming or, as we’re now supposed to call it, climate change. In the 70s it was known as global cooling, but the disparity doesn’t bother them.

It’s always good to go armed with facts and figures when you’re around loved ones because liberals are wont to bring up topics conservatives won’t bring up out of good taste and manners. But sometimes it requires bringing down the hammer on them in a nice way.

This 5 minute video will give you a few facts to help them cool down.

By the way, despite what fake news said, CSP polling found that a plurality of Americans support President Trump’s proposal to renegotiate the Paris Accords. “Nationally, by a 42/37 split, Americans support renegotiating the Paris Accords with better terms to benefit the U.S.; 21% were undecided. Support for the proposal splits along party lines: 48% of Republicans support renegotiation while 30% oppose renegotiation; 22% expressed no opinion. Only 39% of Democrats support while 45% oppose it; 16% did not have an opinion. Independents split evenly — 39/38 — between support and opposition; 23% had no opinion. Among gender lines, men support renegotiation by a 7-point margin, 47/40, whereas women support it by a 3-point margin, 37/34. We found plurality support for renegotiation among standard age blocs, with 65+ having highest support (48/39) and 35-44 having the lowest support (38/36). Dividing respondents along geographic lines reveals uniform support for renegotiation among in all major U.S. regions except the West, which splits evenly at 40/40.”

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