The past few months and especially this past week, have been all about James Comey and what he will say today when he appears before a Senate panel.

The hype around this makes the OJ Simpson trial look like a book theft. I’ve never seen the networks exaggerate the importance of something like they have this Comey event. They even have countdown clocks superimposed over broadcasts as if the whole world were anticipating some kind of universal moment of clarity or fate of the planet.

I won’t be watching. I’ve seen too many of these things. Elected officials will grandstand. Media will pontificate. From the looks of yesterday’s release of his opening statement, Comey won’t even say anything important. It is all a big waste of time.

I’ve really had enough of Comey anyhow. The man is freakish. At 6’8″ he’s a walking Frankenstein. Monstrously fond of himself, too. He must love the limelight because he seeks it like a lizard looking for a hot desert rock.

He’s a drama queen. Remember how he raced to AG John Ashcroft’s bed to beat White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales over some spying regulation? Then there’s last year’s dramatic network briefing on the Hillary findings he poured out like a flat glass of Coke. He went all theatric at the end of the campaign, too, when he inexplicably reopened his look at Hillary.

For awhile Comey was considered honest and fair. Then he showed he wasn’t. How could he have cited all Hillary’s problems in that July speech then drop it? How could he have countenanced AG Loretta Lynch meeting with candidate Clinton’s husband on the tarmac for a private tete a tete before the election? An honest person would have wanted to pursue what was said. He didn’t even try.

In fact in his whole FBI tenure, what did he do outside of jailing Martha Stewart? I’m not a Stewart fan, but that was far fetched and she was a pretty small fish to catch. Didn’t contribute much to the health of the nation.

He’s playing cat and mouse with the president now. One minute Trump’s guilty, the next he’s not, depending on Comey’s whim and the venue he’s in front of. I resent that an unelected official who is responsible to no one, really, can be one of the most powerful men in the U.S. and effect a duly elected president’s legislative priorities.

We’ve been rendered into a state of unconsciousness by Comey as a result of the severe injury the elites sustained by Trump’s presidential win. It’s Comey all the time.

I won’t be watching, too, because the media will twist whatever he says and make it out to be something terrible and impeachable. Instead I’ll listen to what sane people like Rush and Hannity have to say.

In the meantime I have to go cultivate my garden. Then maybe I’ll watch something like The Real Housewives of the Potomoc. It will be more edifying and less corrupt than the show playing today on Capitol Hill.

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