A Dog and Comey Show

Looking at the front page of the Commercial Appeal everyday is an exercise in masochism if you are a conservative or just an average fair American.

Today they outdid themselves. The headline they chose to dominate the page was “Comey Says Trump Can’t Be Trusted.”

That is shocking in its absurdity.

Three things stood out from yesterday’s Comey testimony. First, Comey exonerated President Trump from any dealings with the Russians. Second, he outed himself as one of the leakers of anti Trump info. Third, he raised questions about the propriety of Loretta Lynch’s little chat with Bill Clinton in the summer of last year’s campaign.

As side notes, there was also Comey revealing himself as a coward, a stooge and suffering from some kind of psychological problem in my opinion. At the least, he’s a vindictive man. He didn’t like being fired, no one does. He’s been plotting revenge for awhile.

But none of that was considered important enough to be included in the USA Today network story featured on Page 1 of the Commercial Appeal. Instead, they focused on Comey saying Trump fired him over the Russia inquiry. OK, say he did. As president, Trump has the right to fire whomever he wants for any reason he thinks plausible. Trump obviously knew he wasn’t being pursued in the Russia story – at least that’s what Comey tells us – so he wouldn’t have to fire him over the Russian inquiry, would he?

Funny how Comey’s ethics didn’t cause him to be perturbed enough to act over Loretta Lynch’s dubious meeting with Clinton. Nor did his higher moral sense tell him it was hypocritical to say Trump can’t be trusted when Comey obviously couldn’t be trusted. I expect he didn’t have a problem either with extracting honest loyalty and trust from his top FBI brass and agents in the field. He leaked at least one memo to the New York Times, via a friend (cowardly) and we don’t know how many other leaks he was responsible for. Given his “conflicting” testimonies before other committees, one might say Comey himself is a liar.

Comey argued that Trump besmirched the FBI by firing him. I can imagine there were scores of FBI agents who erupted in applause when they heard Trump dumped Comey. In reality it means the organization can get back to doing honest work pursuing crime and terrorism instead of political hackery.

I am hoping Comey’s performance opens the floodgates for the white hats at the FBI to come forward with more Comey shenanigans. If the Justice Department acts appropriately, they will.

The whole testimony yesterday was going to be shaped by the media and Democrats in their own interests anyhow. I said that yesterday. The story was already written before Comey was even sworn in. The word must have come down from Gannett to run this story and play it up big.

Of course they willingly complied. It’s a dog and Comey show.

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