Reporter’s Obsession All on Her

The hypocrisy of the media is astounding. They are addicted to fake news, even when it is an opinion piece.

To illustrate, take a look at today’s CA editorial page. Viewpoint’s headline is “Trump is taking up too much space.”

I agree.

But who’s doing it? The media! The cable news channels, alphabet networks and newspapers can’t stop talking about him. They have an obsession that shows a deep mental and emotional problem. Ever since the inauguration and the fake news Russia story they have been on it night and day.

Not that there’s any news in particular to tell. I still don’t hear that a crime has been committed nor do I understand how Russians impacted our election. Hacking into voting machines? Bribing voters? No one else seems to know either, yet the story lives on like a vampire feeding off of carion.

The “Tennessee columnist” (who made her a Tennessee columnist?) is named Saritha Prabhu. She complains “our president takes up too much of our headspace. …you’d have to concede that he is the biggest oxygen sucker of all time. His presidency, so far, has been an all consuming affair.”

Well maybe for the people in the beltway or those cursed to live in New York City. And those who must come up with a story day after day no matter its accuracy. That’s on you Saritha.

Those of us with a life manage to follow news, yet do more important things than you, like walk our dogs or keep employment at some actually useful occupation.

She continues whining. “With him and his presidency, there are different things cooking on many burners.” And this is a problem? If you haven’t noticed, Saritha, the former occupant didn’t do much of anything outside of intruding on our rights. He preferred to start the day at 10 and liked to dart out of the office to watch basketball games with his buds.

No wonder there is so much for President Trump to do.

You don’t get, either, that the American people asked him to get to work. He outlined his plans during the campaign and we voted our approval. We voted to have him go to the DC swamp and do something, not just accumulate dubious awards and honors.

She highlights the “Russia thing” and then goes on to track phony stories about his son-in-law and kids. What’s a reporter to do? “Almost every social situation and conversation I’ve been in or had since his election has been dominated by what he has said, done or caused.

“But I decided to take back some control. I find the Trump presidency fascinating in a gaping at a car wreck kind of way…but I’ve decided to install some controls. I’ll be taking back my life and making it great again.”

By writing another column about him?

On the flip side, I don’t think President Trump cares whether or what you think about him at all. In fact, I’d wager he’d rather you not think about him 24/7.

Then he can get back to work doing what we asked him to do November 8, 2016.

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