How the Shooting Will Be Portrayed

There will be two reactions to today’s shooting by the liberal TV and newspaper reports.

First, the media will say that the Republicans brought it on themselves.

As incredible as that may seem, that will be their first line of defense. They will be reluctant to decry the violence – as long as it doesn’t happen to them. They will not want any Democrat/liberal supporter fingered for the crime of shooting Rep. Steve Scalise today as he and his cohorts were at baseball practice.

No, outlets like CNN and MSNBC will quickly shift focus. It won’t be long before one of them argues that the policies the Republicans want to put in place, in particular health care reform and any budget cuts, drove someone beyond his limits. As they often do, the perpetrator will be made into the victim. It never fails to happen that way.

It won’t be the guy’s fault – or theirs for pushing this continual violence against Trump and therefore against all Republicans. Every week we have some kind of violent response. Week before last it was Kathy Griffin holding up a bloody severed head of Trump. This week we’ve had Shakespeare in the Park use Julius Caesar as a way to push their hate. Actors this time assassinated a Trump like leader in a way that left no gory detail out.

There will be no accountability on the media, politicians or Hollywood elite.

The second meme this shooting will produce is the ever popular, continually called upon need for gun control. Anchors and reporters will start spreading the idea that if people weren’t allowed to have guns this wouldn’t have happened. There will be calls for legislation and attacks on the NRA.

No one will point out that criminals or people with intent will get a gun illegally. It doesn’t fit their goals.

The liberal media and liberal politicians are stunningly predictable.

I hope this just toughens the Republicans to realize that they will never have detente with the Democrats. The latter will do anything to take power. Once armed with that knowledge, it’s imperative that they act.

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