WaPo Plays Comey’s Game

Yesterday afternoon Drudge had the headline that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice.

Of course the story relied wholly on anonymous sources. But that’s good enough for a pseudo journalistic enterprise like the Washington Post. Quite obviously they wanted to move the topic of a liberal shooter attempting to kill as many Republicans as he could to one that would slam the Republican president.

A Captain Obvious move if ever there was one.

Obvious, too, that there is no there there. President Trump asking FBI Director Comey if he could end the investigation of General Flynn is hardly an order or demand. The whole thing couldn’t be more ridiculous.

So what’s really going on?

Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse blog has an interesting theory. Basically, it’s that Comey knows he has illegally leaked information. He’s really the one at fault in the whole affair. If the investigation continues that will become apparent. What better way to shut down any problem for him than by having Trump call off the Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller?

As we previously discussed – The risk represented by Robert Mueller is not connected to or about anything surrounding the Russian Conspiracy Narrative; the legal risk is within ‘the leaking‘ of classified intelligence information to undermine the administration, the potentially illegal ‘unmasking‘, and now adding an obstruction of justice angle.

If we avoid all the shiny things, ignore the shell game and reset our frame of reference to the only illegal activity currently known, the leaking; the main illegal activity visible is the illegal leaking of classified intelligence information.

Despite his earnest efforts, there is clear and mounting evidence that former FBI Director James Comey was the primary source of leaked information to the media. The latest Washington Post report is yet another example. The reporter for the Post article is one of a limited number (25) people whom James Comey follows on Twitter.

The risk to Comey from his media leaking continues to explain everything James Comey has recently done, said and advanced.

If the evidence of James Comey being the source of multiple FBI leaks reaches the primary artery of investigative sunlight, who inside that investigative and prosecutorial decision making process becomes the risk? Answer that question and you discover the angle Comey is playing to cut off their ability to hold him accountable.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Asst AG Rod Rosenstein et al are the people Comey needs to worry about, isolate and control. It is not coincidental that Comey is setting up the future action of these participants to be politically motivated.

James Comey’s layer of innuendo against Jeff Sessions is an obvious strategy toward that end. If Comey can frame Sessions as retaliatory against him, he would position any legal action as retaliation.
Anyone who is buying into the story of James Comey leaking the memos to his friend, Daniel Richman, to get a special prosecutor appointed is falling for the shell game constructed entirely by James Comey. More than likely this is the explanation he has already given to Robert Mueller, hence his motive to state within his testimony.

It is important to remember that James Comey told congress he previously met with Robert Mueller to discuss his testimony prior to appearing before congress.

James Comey admitted to this specific “leaking”, because the justification to ‘get a special counsel appointed‘ is the explanatory storyline James Comey wants to present in public.

The alternate reason for leaking, the political motives, are much more damaging to him.

James Comey benefits two ways from his explanation. First, he justifies terrible behavior through a prism of his honor could find no other way (his status remains). Secondly, he sets up special counsel Mueller as fruit of a poisoned tree leading to voices calling for Mueller’s removal. Win/Win. Comey also benefits from calls by his political opposition to eliminate Robert Mueller who is investigating the leaking.

Listening to Rush Limbaugh this afternoon I think he was arriving at this conclusion, too.

Certainly Comey is a skilled DC player. He likes his power and wants to keep it. He knows how to play the game and maneuver players. No one holds him accountable. He is not elected. Without scruples, he can do what he pleases.

And he’s doing it.

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